Google Local Listings

“The Map” is one of only three areas a business can market themselves and is Google’s answer to the ancient phone book. It places 7 local businesses relevant to the users search directly next to a map of the local area. There are only 7 spots available per page. This is laser precision marketing. The user is looking for you!

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Website Development

They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and “you never get a second chance to make a first impressions”. These are just a few of the reasons that a professional, well designed web-site is so important. It is imperative to have the design, architecture and content of your site built structurally sound.

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Video SEO (VSEO)

Our unique process utilizes a coordinated set of tools to optimize your video and ensure it is properly set up to rank well on Google. Most importantly, we examine and assess the best keywords that will drive traffic to your website. Keywords are the search terms and phrases used by your potential consumers or clients.

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Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the single most important ingredient in ensuring that your business is found on the internet. As necessary as it is to have a well designed, functional and informative web-site to capture your audience’s attention, without that audience your web-site is the equivalent of a Picasso sitting in a closet.

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Building your Brand Online

On The Map, inc. services are designed to offer any size business, whether a startup or fortune 500 the resources, tools and experience necessary to increase their internet marketing presence. We are a solution driven company.

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Client Testimonials

  • On The Map Marketing has been the best investment for our law firm. Before we were using Adwords through Google. This would cost our firm upwards of $500 a month! With On The Map we were given a flat rate fee for organic listings and a website and our business has taken off! Not only does their product work but their staff is friendly and helpful and know how to address your business advertisement needs. I highly recommend On The Map for any company that wants to increase business within weeks!

    Christopher Chin Immigration Lawyer Jersey City, NJ

  • I've been with On the Map for a few months, and I am already getting clients calling me from my Google local listing. On the Map is my 'go to' source and I'm going to use them for other online marketing services. My web marketing efforts with them have already paid off. In fact, they've paid for themselves, and a little bit more! Their services have proven to be a great ROI, and over time, I'm sure that return will multiply as my investment level stretches out over time.

    Jason Knight Criminal Defense Lawyer Providence, RI

  • On the Map has delivered on its promise to place my firm on the front page of Google when potential clients search using the most commonly used keywords and search terms. Before I began using On the Map, my firm was frequently not listed of the front page of Google making it less likely potential clients would find me. On the Map has increased my firm's visibility on Google, the search engine used by most people.

    David Schles Criminal Defense Attorney Charleston, WV

  • I have only been on board with them for a short period of a few weeks. But in that short time frame they have done exactly what they said they would do. They promised first page Google advertising, and to their credit, they have provided me with first page Google advertising. I could not ask for a better presence on the web. So far their words have materialized into action, and I could not be any more pleased. I would strongly recommend anyone who has an advertising/marketing need to contact On The Map Marketing.

    Joseph L. Tiberi Injury Attorney Providence, RI

  • I am very impressed with the short amount of time it took for my practice to be on the map on the first page when people search for attorneys in my areas of practice. The service has been consistent and it is definitely a worthwhile investment. Thanks, again.

    Wendy Chan Family Lawyer Lancaster, PA

  • Before I contracted with On The Map Marketing, I had been hesitant to sign up with any firm promising first-page Google ranking. However, On The Map has done exactly what they said they would do, and I was on the front page of Google less than a week after signing up. I was very impressed with the efficiency that On The Map demonstrated in delivering their product.

    Jessa Nicholson Criminal Lawyer Madison, WI


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