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5 Best Appointment-Scheduling Processing Softwares for Your Law Firm Website

The most common problem our law firm website design team hears about from lawyers nationwide is, they don’t have enough time to address internal problems within their office. As a result, most attorneys want to know how the services our company offers can make their practice run more efficiently. One of our law firm web design team’s most common recommendations is to implement an appointment-scheduling software system into our client’s website.

The reason being, online appointment-scheduling platforms allow your law firm to run more efficiently, and they can save your office time, and as a result, money. However, not all appointment-scheduling programs are the same, which is why our team is going to explain the features included in the five best appointment-scheduling software platforms available.

1. Set More

Set More is a highly rated scheduling platform that is easily integrated with most websites through integrations with major content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, and Weebly. This software package offers features that go beyond scheduling such as automated email alerts, text message alerts, etc. Moreover, it does integrate with most internal office calendars such as Office 365 and Google Calendar. With respect to pricing, there is a free version of Set More available, but depending on the needs of your practice, you may elect to use the premium version that offers enhanced features. The cost of this option is either $25 or $89 per month.

2. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is scheduling software that is as highly rated as Set More. The only drawback to this platform is that you have to embed the platform into your website as opposed to the integration feature offered by Set More. Moreover, you can only use this feature with the paid-for version of the software, but other than that, Acuity Scheduling offers the same level of integration with programs such as Office 365, Google Calendar, and Outlook, and it allows you to customize your calendar with your firm’s logo and colors, set email reminders, and text message reminders. The pricing options for Acuity Scheduling are $15, $25, or $50 per month.

Appointment scheduling software

3. Calendy   

Calendy is a great option for most small to mid-sized law firms. This software package offers embedding features that can really add to the efficacy of your website such as appearing in line with a web page or as a pop-up widget. Moreover, Calendy offers a metrics and reporting feature that allows you to track the source of your leads by channel, campaign, etc., and it integrates nicely with Google Analytics. There is a free version of Calendy you can use to get started, but most lawyers want the features that come with the premium packages. The cost of the premium versions of Calendy are $8 or 12$ per month.

Mobile devices illustrating online scheduling software

4. is a scheduling software that offers a robust amount of features, but it is more expensive than most of its competitors. The cost of is as follows:

  • 50 Bookings Per Month: Free
  • 100 Bookings Per Month: $9.90 per month
  • 500 Bookings Per Month: $29.90 per month
  • 2000 Bookings Per Month: $59.90 per month

Moreover, the limitations on the number of bookings per package can be a drawback if you cannot anticipate the number of appointments you schedule each month, but does offer a variety of features that many attorneys find appealing such as automatic email reminders, requests for feedback after consultations, numerous integration options, and fully responsive online integration features for clients on mobile devices.  

5. Pick Time  

The main strength of Pick Time is the price. It is a free scheduling software, but it offers limited features. It can only be incorporated into your website by through a button, but it can be integrated with WordPress, Weebly, and Facebook. Other features Pick Time offers are email alerts, SMS notifications, and a printable agenda, and it is a great option for small law firms and solo practitioners that are just starting their practice.

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