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What it Takes to Create a Successful Shopify App
We see endless possibilities in the Shopify environment and community and we wanted to go even further than just Shopify …
Accessibly App – Our Way of Making the Internet More Accessible to Everyone
From Snowboards to a Billion Dollar Company Back in 2004, Shopify was established by a couple of young guys as …
WordPress Security: Vulnerabilities, Security Issues & Tips How to Clean a Hacked WordPress Website
Any reasonably popular software will eventually become the target of malicious exploitation, whether for fun or profit. WordPress, of course, …
Image SEO: 7 Useful Tips To Better Optimize Images for SEO
What is Image Optimization? Any seasoned SEO company worth their salt will tell you that image optimization matters. With billions …
How To Use The Power Of Color In Your Website Design
Color is one of the most important elements in the life of nearly every person which is why it should …

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