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For years, web designers and content writing companies have been espousing the merits of good content writing without providing much of an explanation as to what “good” means to search engines like Google. But professional content writing companies dedicate significant amounts of time and energy to understand what search engine algorithms will deem to be quality content writing so that they can provide effective content to their customers—and help them climb in search rankings. But before you outsource content writing to an SEO content writing service, it’s important that you understand the product you’re buying.

Questions and Answers About SEO

Most businesses that hire content writers are doing it because they want their webpages to perform well. If you own or manage a business and you’re considering hiring a content writing agency, you probably have some questions about how search engine optimization can improve your rankings, and ultimately, get you customers. Here are the answers to the questions that we get asked by our clients:

What is a content writing business?

In internet marketing, a content writing business provides some or all of the information on its clients’ webpages. Many content writing businesses also provide other services, like web design.

What else does a content writing company do?

Content writing services work with their business clients to determine who their target audiences are, figure out the keywords that those audiences will use, and incorporate the keywords into useful content that will help them convert page visitors to customers.

How does SEO work?

When a user enters a search term into Google, small bits of code called web crawlers go out over the internet looking for exact or close matches to those terms. Once it has a list of options for the user, Google ranks them according to how useful those terms are likely to be to that person. The best content writing services use a four-pronged SEO approach: 

  1. Get your webpage to the top of search rankings
  2. Get potential customers to click on your site
  3. Keep readers on your page
  4. Convert users into customers

How does a content writing service figure out which keywords to use?

Professional content writing begins with determining the keywords that your potential customers will use. Internet advertising services use content writing software to figure out which words your target audience is likely to enter into a search engine.

How does a content writing service differ from a blog content writing services?

The best content writing sites offer a full range of services, including web content, articles, and blog posts. Whether you need informative content about your business, you want to start a business blog (which we highly encourage), or your planning on posting articles on external sites about your industry, a web content writing service will employ writers who can research and write for all of your content needs.

How do I choose topics for article content writing?

Whether you need descriptive articles about your business or content writing articles to help drive users to your page, your representative will work with you to develop the topics that are most likely to be effective for your company in your market.

How soon can I expect to see results from SEO content writing?

It’s impossible to gauge how dramatic the change in your web traffic will be. Website content writing services employ a number of tools to measure changes in your rankings, bounce rate, conversion, et cetera. SEO is part art and part science, but as a rule, you should be able to see significant some movement in the first several months.

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Choosing Between Content Writing Sites

Without a working knowledge of SEO and effective practices in content writing, it can be difficult to figure out which content sites can actually help you build a formidable web presence and which will just take your money. There are cheap content writing sites out there that will undercut the competition in price, but they don’t provide the service that you require to make your website perform well.


Here are some of the factors that you should consider when selecting an SEO content writing service:


  • Quality Content Writing – Your content writing agency should provide outstanding quality in the writing that they offer. One of the best ways to determine whether or not their writing is good is to check out the company’s own webpage. If the content is well-ordered, readable, free from grammatical errors, and offers you the information that you’re seeking, it’s a good sign. You can also review their other clients’ websites—particularly if they do a lot of work in your industry.
  • Content Writing Rates – It can be difficult to determine what you’re being charged for content writing sometimes. Many internet advertising companies will include content writing in their packages. Others may charge a sliding rate for page orders or set content writing prices by the number of words they write.
  • Search Engine Rankings – If you can determine who the content writing agency’s clients are, see if they’ve already written for a company in your field. If you can find that client easily via a Google search, that’s a good sign. For instance, a Florida family law firm seeking legal content writing might search “divorce lawyer in Miami” to see where the client’s site ranks.

Things to Avoid in Article Content Writing

Some cheap content writing services promise quick results at very low rates. These companies will often try to game the system by using what’s referred to as black-hat techniques. Black-hat SEO aims to trick users to webpages by to get a quick bump in the search engine rankings. Some common black-hat techniques include:

  • Keyword stuffing – The content writing company identifies keywords and repeats them as many times as possible in the text.
  • Font Adjustment – The content writing service includes extra keywords using a zero font size or white font against a white background to pack pages without being visible.
  • Misleading text or links – The agency uses misleading titles, headers, or connects links that have little to do with the purpose of their page.


There are many other black-hat SEO techniques, but a reputable content provider will avoid them at all costs. Black-hat techniques are largely ineffective due to improvements in Google’s detection capabilities. Furthermore, black-hat techniques can increase your bounce rate and get your webpage decertified by Google if they catch you using them.

Protect Your Reputation and Improve Your Business

Headquartered in Miami, FL, On the Map Internet Marketing has established itself as an effective web advertiser and content writing service. Using the proven practices that we recommend, we’ve witnessed the sites that we’ve built for our clients climb in search engine rankings and convert visitors into customers. Whether you have an existing website that you like or need a whole new approach to internet marketing, the internet marketing and SEO team can help your business. Contact us to discuss the advertising future of your company.

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