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Defense and White Collar Crimes and Felonies

Concerning criminal defense, there’s usually a thin line between a typical misdemeanor and something more serious. Your average criminal defense firm wants to bring on drug and alcohol offenses, theft, and assault, but if your practice consists of more serious violent or white collar crimes then it’s important to optimize for the cases you want to bring on. Here’s a good place to start:

  • Felony Lawyer
  • White Collar Crime Lawyer
  • Felony Attorney
  • White Collar Crime Attorney
  • Aggravated Assault Lawyer
  • Money Laundering Lawyer
  • Aggravated Assault Attorney
  • Money Laundering Attorney
  • Rape Lawyer
  • Kidnapping Lawyer
  • Rape Attorney
  • Kidnapping Attorney
  • Armed Robbery Attorney
  • Burglary Lawyer
  • Armed Robbery Lawyer
  • Burglary Attorney
  • Robbery Lawyer
  • Third DUI Lawyer
  • Robbery Attorney
  • Third DUI Attorney
  • Sexual Assault Lawyer
  • Counterfeiting Lawyer
  • Sexual Assault Attorney
  • Credit Card Fraud Lawyer
  • Theft Lawyer
  • Credit Card Fraud Attorney
  • Theft Attorney
  • Forgery Lawyer
  • Drug Trafficking Lawyer
  • Forgery Attorney
  • Drug Trafficking Attorney
  • Insider Trading Lawyer
  • Embezzlement Lawyer
  • Insider Trading Attorney
  • Embezzlement Attorney
  • Qui Tam Attorney
  • Identity Theft Lawyer
  • Racketeering Lawyer
  • Identity Theft Attorney
  • Third DWI Lawyer
  • Fraud Lawyer
  • Third DWI Attorney
  • Fraud Attorney
  • Murder Lawyer
  • Murder Attorney
  • Grand Theft Attorney
  • Homicide Lawyer
  • Grand Theft Lawyer
  • Homicide Attorney
  • Securities Fraud Attorney
  • Securities Fraud Lawyer
  • Whistleblower Attorney
  • Whistleblower Lawyer
  • Qui Tam Lawyer

The nature of these cases is that they’re far less frequent than the typical DUI or probation violation, which does mean less traffic and fewer calls. They provide much more nuance, time to defend, and are usually more challenging. But you didn’t become an attorney because it would be easy. These cases are what your years of experience are for! Take time to choose 30 keywords for the exact type of cases you want to see more of and start seeing results sooner rather than later.

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