Dental Internet Marketing

When dial-up signals sizzled into the homes of many Americans internet marketing changed forever. Now unbound, advertising is no longer limited to the pages of a magazine or the visibility of a billboard. Technology has provided a field where advertisements can, literally, pop-up anywhere. The internet can be dangerous and confusing but if harnessed correctly, its vastness can do wonders for you dental business. For up to date information On the Map Marketing provides a clear and concise guide through the cyber trenches.

Online Marketing

As the name suggests online marketing is simply marketing online. The umbrella term details several aspects of marketing which include; network marketing, community building, and blogging. Viral marketing campaigns are complicated strategies that use internet tactics to promote ideas, products, and services.    

Website Development

Your website is the homebase to your online marketing adventure. It is vital that your dental company’s image can easily translate online. Web surfers are busy insomniacs and need a location that they can access at any point. However, the internet is a war zone filled with marketing landmines that can distract you from your ultimate goal. Your website needs to stand out from the crowd, while appearing both inviting and easy to navigate.  

Visual Hierarchy

From a young age, most Americans are trained to read information from the top left of the page then downward. Knowing how we instinctually receive information can be used to the web designer’s advantage. By placing the most relevant information, where it can easily be seen, the web designer is actually creating brand awareness.   

Legible Text   

Reading a lime green text on a yellow background can be like staring into the sun. You do not want your viewers to be squint or struggle with your website or they might run out of patience. Web designers have various styles but most agree that consistency is fundamental when building an easy to cruise website.       

Mobile Features

Nowadays the internet can be accessed anywhere from your iPhone to your little brother’s LeapFrog. Your website should appear professional on all devices as it represents your business. There is plenty of software readily available that will translate the contents of your website into the vernacular.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process that boosts your website to a higher ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The better your website ranks among competitors will increase the chances of your company getting business. A common practice of internet users is to choose from the first page of results when searching the net. It is very rare that the second page of search results is even activated.     

The Importance of Keywords

Keywords are the common phrases used when discussing a topic. For example, a keyword for your dental industry might be the word, “teeth” or “cavity”. When these types of words or phrases are typed into Google, your website notifies the search engine of relevant content. Deciding which keywords are most relevant to your site is dependant on your business. Most suggest that keywords are strung together in a fragmented sentence that tells a short story.   

Inbound Links   

Consider it a great honor when another website links to your business. This tells Google and other search engines that there is information on your website worth viewing. Once your site is viewed as a source of authority, it will rise throughout the ranks. Placing relevant links on your website will help you rank as well because Google will realize that you’re referencing credible sources and therefore probably have a solid stance on the subject.   


PPC advertisements are commonly used marketing tools that generate traffic to your business. Google, Facebook, Youtube and many other well-known businesses apply these widgets to their sites to increase service to your business. Plenty of smaller companies take advantage of these tools because the return on investment is virtually automatic. You only pay, if someone clicks on your ad. PPC ads ensures that every dime spent on marketing has been put to good use.       

Social Media Marketing  

Social media is much more than just posting a picture of what you had for lunch. Nowadays, these apps have become massive corporations that reach trillions worldwide. This creates a valuable marketing opportunity for everyone involved. Every company regardless of size, needs to use social media.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media is super cheap. It builds brand recognition as well as customer loyalty. When a person follows your social media account it shows that they are interested in what you and your business represent. The benefits of social media include:

  • Brand recognition. Studies show that memories solidify after 3 moments of engagement. So post your logo as many times as possible because consumers are more likely to trust you, if they notice you.   
  • Increased Inbound Traffic. With the power of “sharing” your company can reap the gains of free promotion.    
  • Low costs. Most social media outlets are free of charge.
  • Improved SEO. Search Engines use social media to measure popularity and credibility.
  • Improved Customer Service. When you build a personal connection with a client they tend to remain loyal and are more forgiving.

Content Marketing

The content on your website is arguably the most important component to your cyber adventure. Great content is the reason Google directed web surfers to your site and it is the reason they will stay. Produce substantial content and the consumer will return and is more likely to share the information with a colleague.


Is it all worth it? To produce amazing content, be sure that it is relevant to the reader. Ask yourself why the web surfer came to your site and what they want to know. Information on your website should be credible and current. The more reliable your content is, the more prone your clientele is to return to your page. Consistent, valuable content is the best way to improve SEO and keep your clients happy.            

Creative Content  

Entertainment is a significant part of learning and inventiveness causes discussion. Creative content serves as the perfect teaching tool because readers learn effortlessly. Choose and stance and stick to it. If you design interesting and unique text, your work will be noticed by the reader who is simply tired of the mundane. Be sure to publish a variety of content frequently.  

Email Marketing  

Email marketing involves sending mass messages to a wide variety of clientele. It is a fast and direct way to get information to a consumer without spending too much money or time. Although, email marketing has a bad reputation it is very useful as an additive to your marketing strategy.

Advantages of Email Marketing

In conjunction with an active marketing plan, email marketing can collect pragmatic results despite its negative reputation. However, you must tread carefully or risk abandonment in the dreaded spam folder.   

  • Personalization. Let your client feel special. No one pays attention to mass emails, because they feel like it doesn’t concern them. If you address the viewer personally they are doubtlessly going to take note.   
  • Cost Effective. Most email marketing campaigns are very inexpensive to run. Companies sell widgets for as little at $50.
  • Simplicity. Email marketing is not a difficult strategy to implement because it does not take much time, effort, or complex strategies.
  • Demographic Identifier. Once you have accurately established your target market then it is easier to sell to them. The more you know about your demographic the better you can cater to their wants and needs.

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

When the idea of email marketing arises many people are turned off. Just as with junk mail, excessive emails can get annoying and more than often do unread. To fully receive all the benefits from email marketing you also have to understand the reasons why people dislike it.  

  • The Spam Folder. Is the graveyard of ignored emails. Spam folders can detect commercially used mass mailing systems and automatically discard them if you’re not careful. To avoid this, be sure to address your viewer directly and appeal to a want that they have.
  • Visibility. Because emails are so cheap and easy to send, you get a lot more of them, which means it is difficult to decipher through them all. If your message does not get attention right away, then it is likely to be forgotten.  
  • Reputation. This is the reason why a spam folder exists in the first place. Email marketing has the reputation of flooding a person’s inbox with messages which can get annoying and wasteful.

White-Hat Link Building  

A vital component of SEO is the correct use to link marketing. Link exchange is one of the most effective ways to boost your SEO because it gives you positive associations with other companies. Administered correctly, link building will push traffic to your website as well as strengthen your customer service abilities.  

Link marketing

Align your business with the appropriate online companies and Google will raise your ranking. However, this does not mean that if you simply load your page with as many links as possible that your site would be favored. Relevant links from credible sites is the way to go.

How SEO can help my business

Search Engine Optimization raises your website’s position through the search engine ranks. Higher positions are desirable because they maximize the visibility of your business. However, mastering SEO is a not as simple as sprinkling a few links and keywords. Google is constantly upgrading their algorithms to keep healthy competition among rival businesses.    

Driving Traffic

Your website may be the most innovative space on the net, but if no one sees it then there is no value. SEO can guide potential consumers to your website by pushing your company to higher levels. There is power in numbers and when traffic floods your site, your consumer base will increase as well.    


Compared to other forms of advertising, SEO can be very economical. SEO businesses charge monthly retainers that typically cost between $2,500 and $5,000. Regular maintenance is required to keep a great ranking as search engines continually update their requirements. Some companies offer lower rates, and others even provide consultant services for a $100-$300 an hour, where you can learn how to compete with other businesses in your field. However it is suggested, that when dealing with SEO, to place responsibility in experienced companies who stay up to date with current trends and tactics.      


Google and other search engines erratically change their ranking requirements to avoid the risk of one company monopolizing the system. A radical adjustment can set your website back several positions without notice or reason. Many companies outsource their SEO services because it takes a watchful eye to stay above current shifts in the market.    


Time is money. Therefore if someone spends time on your website only to learn that your information is false, you will lose that client forever. An integral part of creating substantial content and maintaining high SEO is to be credible. By providing sources to your work, you have chosen the best way to relay information.  


ROI or return on investment refers to the amount of time, money, and energy in relation to the results received. SEO can take several months to stabilize a considerable ranking so it is difficult to immediately determine the effects. However, it is well known that SEO has a high ROI due to the studies that reflect the patterns of the common web surfer.    

Benefits of a blog

Blogs represent a user generated opinion that is organic. A great blog is a credible source of information that takes a stance in the industry. Many businesses use blogs to enhance their websites and keep up to date with current trends.   

Newest Content

Industry related current events are the bricks that build every blog. Blogs stay relevant if they remain timely and accurate. The purpose of your blog is to gather attention for your website and the best way to do that is to stay on top of modern trends.   

Customer relationships

Customer relationships are all about the exchange of satisfaction for loyalty. Blogs are a unique corner of cyberspace where a consumer can regally voice their concern about a service or product. It gives the company a chance to publicly respond to a client and settle their issue.  

Brand Positioning

The purpose of branding is to align your company with the needs and desires of the client. Blogs can stand on their own authority and will compliment a website with supporting material. Once a brand is properly positioned, it becomes a staple in the minds of the client.

Increased SEO

Like most social media outlets blogs can increase SEO. A great blog can be used to attract outside links. By providing content worth reading, other websites may reference your blog as a source of credible information. Blogs also allow for the use of more keywords which would ultimately draw more business to your site.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategies  

Digital marketing or internet marketing entails advertizing completely through viral means. Social media plays an intricate role in online marketing because it warrants audience participation. Once a conversation has begun, a relationship is formed and consumer loyalty is granted.   


With the introduction of new technology, social media often changes. Updates regularly occur and trends change constantly. To reap the benefits of social media you should spread yourself across multiple platforms to see which works best for your business.   

  • Facebook. With millions of users worldwide, Facebook is the leader of social media.  Facebook creates the opportunity to cast a wide net to a variety of users.
  • Instagram. Instagram is a social media platform that encourages the use to pictures in every post. This can be used as an effective form of marketing because a lot more can be said in pictures than texts. Instagram has over 300 million users that can share information worldwide.
  • Youtube. As one of the most frequently used search engines, Youtube has access to billions of users world wide. Youtube videos are actively shared through various platforms and can expand your brand.


Fads are more unreliable than the tides. You never know when a trend will appear or for how long it will stick. However, if you are prepared to jump on top of current fads then you have the opportunity to boost business by association.


Social media influencers dictate future fads and trends. In their community, social media influencers represent sources of authority. They have a loyal following which can be tipped in your favor if used correctly.    

Internet Advertising

The best advertisements succeed by gaining the most attention possible. The industry fast paced and cutthroat. Many different agencies rely on explosive and creative content to get further their business endeavors.

Internet Advertising Vs Television Advertising

Internet advertising is slightly different from traditional television advertising. A major variable is the use of pop-up ads. Unlike television advertising which gives you the option of turning the channel or leaving the room, internet advertisements have the ability to force you into attention.      

Is internet marketing worth it?

Marketing and advertising are complicated on their own. The internet has been flooded with useless clutter for decades. Unique content and timely action are the keys to success in any internet marketing campaign. For the highest success rate, take advantage of every opportunity that is available to you.

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