3 Key On-Site Optimizations For Every Dental Website

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Search Engine Optimization is the key to your business’ success. The more traffic that your website gets is the more opportunity consumers have to become a part of your company. To gain this visibility the best way is to elevate your website’s ranking position in popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. After all, studies have shown that 75% of users do not travel pass the first page when searching for results and most people decided between the first 3 results on that page.

There is no set guide of rules that will automatically launch your dental website to the top. Google and other search engines have deviced ever-changing rubrics that disallow for any one business to monopolize the search engine ranking. However, though there is not a sure fire way to dominate your search engine optimization, there are some suggestions you can make to improve it.

Heading 1

When Google scans your web page for relevancy one of the aspects it takes into consideration is your H1 or Heading 1. Google or any other search engine may use these headings to pigeonhole sites into sections it can understand. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when creating an H1:

    • There can only be one. Your first H1 should be your only H1 on the page. Other Headers should be numbered in order to clarify confusion.
    • Top of the Page. Your H1 should be at the top of the page to avoid any mixed messages with coding.
  • Keywords. Fill your H1 with as many keywords as possible.
  • Tell a story. In a short, even fragmented sentence, be sure to tell a story story. The H1 of your dental site should not be as generic as “teeth” should express more of a need. A better example would be: How a dentist checks for cavities


Taglines are the subtopics of your page. They hover at the top of the page and announce the content on the page. The purpose of the taglines are to give Google and your web viewers are slightly more accurate than general title.  

  • Title tags should be kept short and to the point.
  • Honest and simple
  • Do not use keywords!
  • Humour makes for creativity and uniqueness.


Keywords are one of the most important elements to your website, because they will lead a search engine to your company. Your dental business may choose words such as, “tooth”, “cavity”, or “whitening” to encourage Google’s ranking system to favor the website. Though, very effective, keywords are not the only necessary factor in securing a good SEO. Most methods are more effective when combined with others.

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