How an Active Blog will Get (the Right) Traffic to your Dental Website

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Viral marketing strategies have many variations and methods, but ultimately all the same goal. Having an online presence is necessary for modern day relevance and success, but not just any cyber existence will do. Blogs are liaisons between the business and its consumers, while websites are more like digital pamphlets, in terms of information and structure. To the untrained eye, blogs and websites may look identical, however, they have many different uses that a marketing expert can exploit.

The Benefits of A Website

Websites are like online real estate in terms that they do not lose value or depreciate over time. Webpages serve as 24/7 informatives where your clients can connect with your business at any point. Your website was made to answer questions and promote your business whenever you are unavailable. Listed below are a few benefits to having a website.

  1. 24 / 7 Advertising. Your online real estate is always there! It can be accessed from anywhere around the world and at any time.
  2. Wider Net. With a website, it is easier to reach a larger audience.
  3. Informational Guide. Provides product information    
  4. Digital Sales. Your website has the ability to process transactions
  5. Employee Finder. By posting a job offer on your website you can accept applications online
  6. Email Addresses. Most websites come with personalized email addresses that you can set up for yourself and your employees.
  7. Company/Client Relationship. The client will have a 24 method of contacting your business
  8. Credability. Nowadays, no one like take your business seriously unless it has an online presence that is legitimate and professional.

The Benefits to having a Blog  

 Blogs have come a long way since the inception of Myspace and Xanga. Once online diaries, blogs have developed into authoritative sources for many subjects. A contemporary blog is a sequential cluster of notes that usually surround a particular subject or subjects. As a blog matures, it can be referenced as an authoritative source so long as it is remains credible and lists creditable sources of its own. Below is a list of the benefits a blog can offer your business.

  • Easily updated. Blogs are relatively simple to use and do not require a team to update
  • SEO perks. In addition to many of the SEO advantages a website applies, blogs have the convenience of consistent updates.
  • Fresh material. New and reliable content build consumer retention.
  • Better Client Relationships. With an open digital forum, the customer can be honest and unencumbered when leaving a comment and the company can respond in kind.
  • Cheap form of promotion. Blogs are generally free

Which Platform Best Represents my Business

How would you decide between air and water? More prosperous companies combine the two platforms to maximize SEO. You do not have to choose. Benefit from both online sources and never miss an opportunity you know is available to you or your business.

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