Integrating Social Media into your Dental Website (One Free + Easy Tool)

As a legal entity, your business is has the ability to sue, incur debt, and own property, so why not a twitter account? Social media is no longer solely for the tech-savvy teen, it has become a powerful marketing tool as well. For years large businesses have incorporated the use of social media and SEO in their marketing campaigns to drive more attention to their websites and local businesses.


The power of social media lies within the relationships that are built. Regardless of platform, social media allows a space where a business and a client can digitally connect. A consumer can freely contact the business or comment on an open forum. This gives the company a chance to respond to their client in a neutral space to either thank them for their comment or remedy the ailment. Though useful, social media can be very time consuming.

What is IFTTT?

Social media has branched off into many different forms and evolutions. The social media account that is right for you, may be difficult to choose, so why pick just one? IFTTT is a 2010 company and also ab abbreviation for the term, “If this, then that.”  By using applets, this organization merges your social media accounts with your webpage. In other words when you make a update on your website, all of your social media accounts are updated. It is a modern tool that saves you the time by managing your viral messages.

How to use IFTTT

Using IFTTT is a simple task that will free you up to handle other aspects of your business. Once you sign up for an IFTTT account, you can reap the benefits cross platform updates. Below are instructions to setting up your IFTTT:

  1. Once signed up for IFTTT, click on “My Applets”
  2. From the drop down menu, select, “New Applet”
  3. Click “If” then search for the RSS FEED
  4. Copy RSS feed address
  5. Paste into IFTTT RSS FEED Input field
  6. Next click “Then”, to search for your social media platform
  7. Connect social media account
  8. If you need to modify or adjust anything please select which “ingredients” you would like to include
  9. Once created, be sure to test your applet

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