Social Media Platforms Every Dental Company Needs to Use

Once an emotional outlet for teen angst, social media has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry. Myspace was one of the first concepts for digital freedom of speech and since then blogs have become authoritative sources of information for public opinion and current events. Cyber word-of-mouth is one of the most effective forms of promotion that is valued because of the rawness of opinion and integrity of the comment.     


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become titans in the marketing industry. Each of these platforms are accessible worldwide and can reach countless audiences. However, to create a large following on these internet groups can take months or even years to achieve. Client trust can be earned through proper posting and sharing. Content posted must be relevant and useful to the web surfer.  

How social media can help my business

In general, social media, is so cluttered with memes it is difficult to see how this form of advertisement can positively affect your business. To fully comprehend the advantages social media can have for your business, understand the reach this type of promotion has. Facebook, for example, has over 2,010,000,000 active monthly users , YouTube has 510,000,000 and Instagram has a whooping 1,310,000,000. To fully understand how social media can help your business see the following notes:

  1. Visibility. With billions of users worldwide it is more likely for your message to get seen.
  2. Customer Retention. Many businesses use social media to keep clients returning to their pages. They do this by continuously creating relevant content and organizing giveaways to keep interests high.
  3. Staying within budget. Most social media applications are free to use, so they work well in addition to any marketing campaign.
  4. Finding your Market. When someone likes your page or follows you, they are adding themselves to your niche market. Marketers can use this information to learn demographics and better assist their consumers.
  5. Brand Loyalty. Is when the consumer is so invested with your company that they willingly promote it. Social media is a great space to do this on, as most platforms have a “share” button.
  6. Boost SEO. Google and other search engines understand social media’s shares and mentions as public opinion and relevant SEO information.

Drive Traffic. The entire purpose of your business’ social media page is to boost traffic to your website. Simply add a link to direct your following.  

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