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Family law is an area of focus for legal practice that relates to domestic issues and relationships. This is a particularly vast subset of the law that includes everything from adoption and child custody to domestic abuse and divorce.

Whether you’re a lawyer on your own or are part of a firm, it’s critical to have a specific marketing approach to family law. Unlike when they look for lawyers in other areas, those seeking a family-specific attorney usually search by specific topics and keywords. In this way, general marketing won’t work as effectively.

It’s a good idea to pick a particular subject or topic under the umbrella of family law. This should be something where you have a lot of expertise as well as a winning case history. If you cover multiple parts of family law, the best course of action is to design multiple advertising campaigns to highlight each of them. 

Some of the topic areas that family lawyers specialize in include divorce, custody, child support, domestic abuse, and annulment. The route you choose will influence the best course of action for your marketing strategy.

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The first step to an effective family law marketing strategy is to define what your brand is. You’ll need to select one or two key areas that fall under the large umbrella for family law. This is because those that are seeking family law attorneys will be using specific keywords and want experts in niche topic areas. 

From there, you’ll need to identify the kinds of people who would be looking for help from a lawyer in this topic area. In general, family-oriented attorneys are likely to deal with people who are a little bit older or at least of marrying age. 

Depending on the specialty you choose, you may be working with women more than men, especially as it relates to domestic violence, so this is something to consider. Next, look at where your firm is located, what the average socioeconomic status of your clientele might be, and other key data points. All of this information will impact how you use social media and website content.

Social Media

Perhaps the most publicly visible way to build a brand image is through social media. Building a consistent image across multiple social media channels helps establish your firm’s image.

The best bet is to use as many relevant social media channels as you possibly can, with a few caveats to keep in mind. The first is to decide which channels deserve the most attention in terms of content or advertising. 

To do this, you’ll need to first look at the demographics you’d like to target. If you’re looking to market your family law firm towards divorcees or those looking to settle custody and support for a child, Facebook is a good option.

Most of the consistent Facebook user-base is older than college age. A Hootsuite study found that 70% of Facebook’s audience in 2020 was 25 and older. On the other hand, Twitter is more popular with a younger audience, making it more difficult to reach those in need of an attorney to sort out estates or wills.

Creating a strong and friendly voice through your social media is essential. You want to craft an image that people feel comfortable with reaching out to you for your services. 

A good strategy to do this while boosting visibility is by partnering with and interacting with other like-minded firms and brands online.

Website Content

The content you put on social media or on your website will go a long way to creating your brand image. One of the best ways to do this is to optimize your keyword usage.

When people are looking for a family lawyer, they’ll likely begin searching with a few key terms. This can include the service provided, the type of law, the area, etc. You’ll want to optimize your website to include those targeted keywords. 

The reason behind this is because if you have the correct keywords with the right density, you’ll start to perform better in search engine results. Becoming one of the first few options in your area can be huge for business. 

The key here is to know which keywords to use. Words like “family lawyer” are great and accurate but also may have a ton of competition. Include your specific location to get more specific results; potential clients will be looking for someone local, after all.

Your website content should also be consistent in tone and style with your social media channels. Part of building a brand identity is being consistent. 

You’ll want to portray yourself as trustworthy, reliable, and experienced; let your clients know they’re in good hands simply through the language you use to spread your message. This will create an image and atmosphere before you ever meet with a client.

Another great way to optimize your website content is by using programs like Google Adsense. Not only can you use this to grow your revenue stream, but it also helps to pick the right ads for you. Too many unrelated advertisements can be off-putting to potential clients. These ads are also immediately optimized for mobile viewing.

In general, your site should have a mobile-first ethos. People are on the go more than ever, but even more crucially, everyone tends to search for things as soon as we think of them. This happens, more often than not, when we don’t have the convenience of being around a computer to tackle that inquiry immediately. Optimizing your site to not only appear as one of the top search results but to have an easily viewable mobile browser will help encourage customers to find and stay on your site.

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It may come as no surprise, but your firm’s credibility will play a major role in your marketing strategy. 

Creating a strong company ethos is difficult, but there are a few ways you can leverage past victories to expedite this process. Doing so will create a public image that draws customers.

History & Accolades

Your history as a family lawyer will play a massive role in how successful your marketing campaign is. You don’t need to be a 15-year veteran in the field, but experience certainly makes selling yourself easier. 

Even if you only have limited experience, make sure to highlight anything that may be relevant to family law. 

Also, linking to articles that relate to cases you’ve worked on can be a great way to boost your firm’s visibility. Any press that shows you know what you’re doing and have a winning track record is good press. 

Every lawyer is human and will have their fair share of losses; don’t hide them, as that may not appear ethical, but definitely try and push your victories first, especially online.

Partnerships & PR

Along the same lines as linking to good press and accolades, showing that you have a positive working relationship with established brands and businesses can also build credibility. 

Many firms will provide images of the company logos that they’ve worked with and those that sponsor them. This not only shows that you have positive backings within the industry but that you work well with others. 

If you don’t have much on this front to display, consider looking into local events to either sponsor or contribute to. Playing a part in your community and becoming a friendly face that people are comfortable coming to for help can build a strong foundation.

Proving Credibility in Content 

Within the content you post, you’ll want to make the most of that space by proving your credibility. Some great ways to do this include adding blog posts and testimonials to your website.

A good company blog can show that you do great work and care about the work you do. Blogs can be used to discuss various topics within the subject, like how to seek help for child support or how to tell children about divorce. Make your site a one-stop place for family law.

Testimonials can go a long way in getting new clients. Most people expect marketing to be explicitly positive, and hearing positive things from other clients can be the make-or-break point for a potential client. Including statistics in this section can also help prove your credibility as a great option.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which companies and individuals tweak the language and links in their content to boost visibility. There are a few ways to go about optimizing your search results. The first and most obvious of which is using top keywords, which we discussed earlier. Other great SEO tips include links, mentions, and landing pages.


Links are a staple of websites and can connect two or more pages in different locations. There are a few key ways to use links to your advantage. 

The first is to create backlinks to other prominent sites. Doing so will help boost the credibility of your site and build a connection between your content and theirs. For backlinks, you want to choose sites with high authority themselves, which you can check through various domain authority checkers.

The second is to build relationships with other sites so they’ll link to you. A subcategory of this link-building strategy is known as mentions.


Mentions are what happens when other companies or organizations tag or link to your page. The most prominent example of this is through social media. When you post a picture of you and your friends, you’ll likely tag them so that they can see it. Not only that, but those that follow them will be able to see it. 

Companies and firms do the same thing to help expand their audiences. Look for local businesses to build with before looking for more nationally recognizable groups.

High-Conversion Landing Pages

If you’re in the process of building your brand as both reputable and knowledgeable, investing in creating high-conversion landing pages is a must. These pages refer to standalone web pages that are designed to encourage customers to do a single task.

This is absolutely critical to landing-page success. Don’t try to overload customers with too much information or too many links. Make sure your landing page links to other places within your site and that you have a clear form of organization. 

Each page should want the visitor to stay on as long as possible and encourage them to perform a task. If that task is to set up a consultation with your firm, you might begin by outlining issues you deal with, then move into your success rate. The ending should have a call to action or link to your contact form.
If you’re interested in boosting your family law marketing and need help with any of the processes listed above, contact us. We have a team of professionals ready to help you identify your target areas and create a clear plan of action.

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