Law Firm SEO: 2021 Guide from the Nation’s Leading Attorney SEO Experts

law firm seo

If you are looking for a way to increase meaningful traffic to your law firm’s website and start reaching new potential clients, then you may have already come across the digital marketing strategy known as “search engine optimization.”

This strategy is a highly effective digital marketing approach, but launching and maintaining an SEO campaign that truly provides you and your potential clients with valuable content takes a comprehensive understanding of this digital approach.

The team at On The Map, Inc. has been providing law firms with strong SEO support for over a decade and can help you climb the search engine rankings to capture valuable search traffic and reach users who will benefit from the legal services you offer.

Many people mistakenly believe that improving SEO simply requires including high-level keywords into a series of blog posts, but success requires understanding what it takes to improve organic search rankings and staying committed to growing and maintaining an ongoing strategy.

Take a look below to better understand what law firm SEO is, what it takes to build a strong SEO campaign, and how our team of analysts, developers, content strategists, and writers can help set your law firm website apart from the competition. 

What is Law Firm SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is — in simplified terms — the targeted use of specific keywords to reach people who are using those keywords in the major search engines. By including these keywords in well-written content, search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo can recognize the overlap between a searcher’s terms and a website’s relevance, and therefore direct a searcher to this page to find an answer to their query. 

Organic Online Visibility

Key Differences Between PPC and SEO

Google Ads and Bing Ads both provide you with an opportunity to pay for clicks to your website by running an ad campaign on the search engine results pages. These campaigns can be successful in capturing Google or Bing traffic, but the reality is that you are ultimately paying for traffic from users who have already indicated an interest in what your law firm has to offer. 

PPC online visibility

An effective PPC campaign relies on granular targeting through keywords, location, and more  — similar to SEO — but does not factor into organic rankings. Instead, PPC ads are listed in the top slots as ads, and while they can certainly help generate traffic, each click costs money for you to connect with someone who has already shown an interest in your services. Furthermore, users report higher trust with organic rankings when compared to paid ads. 

SEO organic visibility

SEO requires a different approach to effectively capturing search term traffic that includes site optimization, strong relationships with other websites across the internet, engaging content, and more. Both SEO and PPC have benefits, and utilizing both can help capture additional sectors of the market, and we can help you with each of these strategies to drive meaningful traffic to your law firm’s website.

Capturing Organic Traffic Effectively

Simply including relevant keywords on a web page or blog post has little to no impact on a page’s SEO ranking because many different factors go into a search engine’s ranking system. Remember that Google’s focus is providing their customers with a great user experience, meaning that they can expect to be sent to a useful, navigable, and relevant site based on their specific search terms. The following sections will discuss the importance of an SEO-friendly website, content publishing, and linking across the web — three pillars of a strong SEO campaign.

three SEO pillars

Beginning Steps: SEO Friendly Website

Sites that are slow to load, difficult to navigate, or have low-quality information will not provide a searcher with the results they are looking for, so it’s imperative that search engine companies continuously hone their algorithms to provide the best user experience possible. 

SEO friendly website

On-going Work: Content Publishing

SEO is effective when you are able to provide useful, relevant, and authoritative information that provides value to your visitors while proving that you are a reliable figure in your industry. 

law firm seo content cluster

As you continue to publish more relevant and engaging content on your website, the search engine crawlers will index each page into their database and assign a ranking based on a range of factors, including things like past users’ experiences on your page, the degree to which your site is interlinked with other sites across the internet, the effective (and responsible) use of relevant keywords, and more. 

As this content continues to expand and your standing with the search engines continues to improve, your site will rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs), leading to greater engagement with users searching for your relevant terms. 

Launching an effective SEO campaign takes time, research, and dedication and can take between 3 months and 3 plus years to see meaningful and lasting results. The reality is that we will need to take a deep dive look at your situation to get a better sense of the work required to start moving your page up the search engine results page.  Some of the best-performing websites have thousands of pages providing answers on a wide variety of legal topics that consumers are looking for. 

Where Things Get Tricky: Receiving Signals from Other Websites to Yours (Also known as link building) 

Link building is an essential aspect of search engine optimization that many people tend to either overlook or find to be too time-consuming to focus on while managing their own SEO campaign. Simply put, link building is the process of generating links pointing to your website from other reputable sources in your industry, as opposed to using outbound links on your own pages that point to other reputable sites. When the search engine crawlers recognize that there are many links directing users to your page from other websites across the internet, the algorithms take this as a good indication that your site is a trustworthy resource that search users will benefit from visiting. 

Link building can happen organically by other sites picking up on your valuable SEO content and linking to it, but this takes the process out of our control and may take years if it ever happens at all. When you are working with On The Map, we will engage in active outreach to other industry leaders in your field (in this instance, the legal world) in order to improve relationships, provide useful content, and increase the number of links that direct people back to your site.

website signals

When you are focusing on running a successful law firm, the idea of taking valuable time to reach out to other website hosts and content producers to generate additional backlinks can be both complicated and overwhelming. Our in-house SEO experts can handle this entire process on your behalf to ensure that there are quality inbound links across the internet pointing to your useful and informative SEO content — increasing inbound traffic through link clicks AND helping to boost your rankings on the search engine results pages. 

How to do SEO for Law Firms

The following are high-level overviews of the steps that go into building, launching, and maintaining an effective local SEO push. By following an established format, the team at On The Map is able to produce consistent results across a range of industries including personal injury, defense, DUI, family, and many other areas of the law for our legal clients.

Law Firm SEO Strategy Planning

SEO for lawyers requires in-depth research of your market, your competitors, the support that your target audience is looking for, and more. Before a single word is written on the first page, the law firm SEO company you are working with will do extensive planning and strategizing in order to build out a comprehensive approach to providing your audience with the information and support they are looking for. 

Keyword Search Volumes

criminal attorney keyword search volumes

There is no debate about a term like “law firm” generating a high volume of search traffic, but identifying the key terms and phrases that will lead to valuable engagement for your law firm is an essential first step in building your SEO strategy. By using tools like the Google Keyword Planner we will be able to identify keywords that have meaningful traffic that will help connect you with high-intent searchers in your office locations.

Competition Analysis

Chicago criminal lawyer competition analysis

At the heart of an SEO campaign is the desire to outrank competitors in your target area in order to connect with leads and increase business to your law firm. This is why analyzing your competition before launching a campaign is absolutely essential, and will give us a sense of how aggressive we will need to be from the start in order to increase your rank. The difference between a single competitor and 15+ competitors in your target market will result in a substantially different approach to get the results you expect. 

Our analysis includes a full audit using the wide range of tools offered by in order to broaden our understanding of your situation and identify as many growth opportunities as possible.

Content Gap

content gap analysis competation

Existing content on your website may be well written and executed, but there are likely gaps in your content that leave substantial search traffic on the table due to these missing keywords and topics. By auditing your existing content to identify both the strengths and omissions or holes in your topics and keywords, we will develop a clear starting point that will help guide our content calendar and the topics we will focus on initially in order to close these gaps.

Backlink Gap

backlink gap analysis

Much like your existing content, there may be a number of sources that are pointing back to your website and specific content pages, but there is always room for improvements that will result in increased organic traffic. During our strategy phase of your SEO campaign, we will audit all existing backlinks and the anchor texts used to direct external traffic to your site in order to identify both the strengths and the gaps that will both help inform our backlink strategy as we move forward with your digital marketing.

Google My Business Audit

Google My Business is an extremely important tool for capturing local traffic and improving your SEO rankings by increasing visibility through both the Google search results and Google Maps platform. By optimizing and continuously improving your Google My Business page, we will be able to expand our reach and connect you with a wider audience of potential clients who are looking for a law firm in your area. 

SEO geographic targeting

The first step in the strategy build-out is to identify your current ranking benchmarks specifically for your Google My Business location. This information establishes both short- and long-term goal targets and gives us an understanding of the exact obstacles we are facing in this process. We will repeat this audit often in order to check our progress and hone our efforts.

Practice Area Specific Strategies

As with geographic targeting, our SEO campaign will highlight the specific practice areas of your law firm to ensure that we are drawing traffic looking for your particular services. This approach will be funneled from a broad range of short-tail keywords down into a series of specific pages that are meant to highlight a specific service or unique factor regarding that specific service. Each additional page that focuses on an individual aspect of any given practice area will help expand your reach while leveraging the specific keywords and queries that your target audience is using to find attorneys like you.

Some of the most common SEO for law firms that On The Map does is for the following types of law:

  • Personal Injury Law
  • Criminal Defense Law
  • Family Law
  • Business Law

However, regardless of the work your law firm does, we will be able to create a valuable content campaign that will increase traffic to your law firm’s website and help you reach the target audience that will benefit most from the important services that you offer. 

SEO Conscious Law Firm Website Development

conscious law firm site

The best content in the world will only generate meaningful SEO results if the website hosting the content is up to par. As web standards evolve, sites can quickly become outdated, clunky, or confusing for visitors — as well as the search engine crawlers. One of the first steps that our team will take is to analyze your current website’s performance and provide you with an in-depth report of the necessary updates and changes in order to maximize your SEO campaign’s effectiveness.

Keys to SEO-Friendly Site Development

Things pertaining to user experience like the time it takes for your site to load, your site structure and navigation, the type and speed of plugins on your page, and more will all contribute to your “site score,” an indicator of how well the search engine’s regard your page when compared to others in your industry. 

Mobile Responsiveness

As of Q2, 2021, 61% of all organic searches took place on a mobile device. Building a website using mobile-friendly responsive design will help cater to these users by providing them with a simplified experience that encourages conversions on any device.

Site Speed

It may not seem like much, but the difference of a half-second can be the difference between a substantial bounce rate and great visitor retention. E-commerce sites should load in around 2 seconds, while other websites should load in under 3 seconds. Between load times of 1 second and 3 seconds, bounce rates are shown to increase from 9% to 38%!

Site Crawling

Search engines user “crawlers” to look at a website, follow each link, and catalog all of these connections for the search engine’s central database. As long as each page on your site is properly linked to every other page, the crawlers will be able to include them in their catalog. As your site becomes more complex, it is important to include a site map, a document that helps search engine crawlers make sense of the pages and documents on your website and determine which elements are more important than others. 

Page Indexing

“Indexing” is the term used to describe the process of a page being crawled and indexed by a search engine crawler. Once a page has been indexed, it will appear on the search engine results page for each respective search engine. Pages with a “noindex” meta tag will be excluded from the indexing process, but there are a number of other reasons a page will be excluded — possibly against your wishes. We will ensure that each page is indexed properly to increase your reach and improve your rankings.

Once your website is ready to receive increased traffic, we will be able to begin implementing our outward SEO efforts such as content creation and publishing, backlink outreach, and more. To learn more about law firm website design – Go here!

Keyword Research for Attorney SEO

chicago criminal lawyer organic keywords

While our developers are improving the back end of your website, our researchers will be hard at work analyzing your target audience’s online search habits to figure out how to most effectively reach them the way they are searching for your firms’ services. Using a general search term like “law firm” will reach a wide audience, but will typically lead to lower engagement since there is no ability to target a highly specific search intent. However, using a more specific keyword like “alimony lawyer in *your city*” will help to reach a searcher who is signaling a specific need that you provide. The number of searchers you reach will be lower, but the likelihood that they request a consultation with your firm will improve. 

These are known as “short tail” and “long tail” keywords, and there are benefits to using each as long as there is a clear strategy that helps reach a wide audience while narrowing down the types of prospective clients you are looking for. This is why many law firms and other businesses that attempt their own SEO campaigns find it to be ineffective or frustrating. Understanding the right combination of short tail and long tail SEO keywords will help find a midpoint between search volume and conversion rate, both of which are important metrics (when used appropriately).

To learn more about keyword research for attorney SEO – (Page coming soon)!

Content Writing for Law Firms

content for law firm site

Once the keyword research has been completed, our in-house writers will begin to generate useful and well-researched law firm website content that can help answer your prospective clients’ questions, show that you are a reliable and reputable law firm, and help improve your SEO rankings. SEO content writing requires a combination of effective inclusion of target keywords, grammatically correct writing, useful information, effective linking, and proper formatting, among other things. Our writers will research each specific topic before writing your SEO content to ensure that you are publishing factually correct content that helps your rankings on the organic search results by leveraging an effective keyword strategy.

Many SEO firms will outsource their writing to affordable contractors, and this can lead to a lack of accountability or lower quality on the client-facing part of your SEO campaign. High concentrations of keywords nested in low-quality writing may lead to a quick boost in rankings, but will ultimately cause your rankings to dip as users quickly bounce back to the results pages in search of another site that has useful, readable, trustworthy content.

With On The Map, you can count on our team of in-house writers to produce high quality, effective content for your website and blog that will help your prospective clients understand more about the services you provide while helping to improve your standings with the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When site visitors enter your law firm’s website and recognize that you are dedicated to providing them with helpful information, they inherently know that they can trust you to provide them with the support they need through their legal journey.

To learn more about law firm content writing go here – (Page coming soon)!

On-Site SEO for Attorneys

on site SEO analysis for law firm site

Our primary goal for your on-site SEO is to ensure that each page of your website is unique in both content and tagging. Each page will use a unique title tag that directly indicates the content within, which will allow crawlers to index each page of your site more effectively. Along with your title tags, each header uses specific tagging structures that will further improve your SEO rankings by allowing search engines to understand the substance of each page on your website.

Each page on your website exists in a “silo” where it is separate from the other pages, but it is absolutely essential for both navigability and SEO rankings to ensure that your pages are effectively interlinked and that navigation is both simple and intuitive. Crawlers will use your site map in order to catalog the structure, but your visitors will expect clear navigation where they can move forward, back, and across silos easily while gathering information from your content.

Once your website is tagged, linked, and incorporated into your overall site structure properly, we will focus our on-site SEO efforts on directing visitors to the page that is most helpful to their search query. It is important to reduce the number of clicks that a visitor needs to make before finding the answers to their questions, and by sending them directly to the relevant content from the search engine results page, they will not need to consider navigation at all. Beyond the important goal of a simple user experience, this is a great way to reduce your bounce rate and improve your standings with the search engines.

To learn more about onsite SEO for attorneys go here – (Page coming soon)!

Local SEO for Attorneys (Google Map Rankings)

on-site SEO key citation summary

For digital marketplaces or online-based businesses, there is no need to target geographic locations; however, a Chicago law firm is of little use to a Memphis searcher, which is why local SEO is such an important focus for this type of campaign. By incorporating your location and target area into our SEO keyword strategy, we will help to cut down and eliminate irrelevant traffic coming from a location that you are unable to serve. 

Google My Business is an essential tool for fine-tuning our local SEO strategy and capturing traffic in your geographic coverage area. This tool, like all other Google tools, can be optimized to incorporate target keywords and increase your reach and visibility to local audiences in search of a law firm. In addition to simply adding information like your industry, business name, and location, you can also include posts about specific topics as a way to engage with potential clients, keep existing clients updated about new information, and, again, leverage keywords in order to rank higher on local searches. 

To learn more about local SEO for attorneys go here – (Page coming soon)!

Link Building for Attorneys

Search engines like Google and Bing use a number of different indicators to determine whether or not a website is worthy of their customers’ traffic, and one good analog for a site’s health and intent is the degree to which they are connected with the wider internet. 

When a site has a lot of links pointing from page to page (internal links), out from their on-site content to other respected industry leaders (outbound links), and when there are off-site SEO links from other pages pointing back to the website (inbound links), it is a good indication to the search engines that this site is a productive member of the internet and is helping to improve interconnectivity between sites. This is a major ranking factor incorporated into our SEO strategy to help you climb to the top of Google’s search engine results.

As your site climbs the Google rankings, you may start to find that more websites are linking back to your content in order to support their own linking strategies; however, it is important to work with other sites to encourage them to link to you, and the team at On The Map will manage outreach with other sites to ensure that your URL is included in high-value content on other respected sites on the internet. One of the risks of link building is developing a strategy that — knowingly or accidentally — violates guidelines or impacts your site’s reputation. One common issue is engaging with link schemes that manipulate PageRank such as excessive link exchanging, buying or selling links, or embedding widgets that generate widespread links with excessive keywords and low quality. 

Managing outreach for this type of linking strategy is time-consuming and can be distracting for a business owner who is trying to focus on providing their clients with world-class support, which is another reason why working with the team at On The Map can help you enjoy improvements to valuable traffic without needing to take on a wide range of responsibilities relating to your search engine optimization campaign. As we continue to foster relationships and increase the number of outbound links pointing back to your website, your site rankings will continue to improve and you will enjoy additional traffic to your site as your search engine ranking climbs.

To learn more about local SEO for attorneys go here – (Page coming soon)!

SEO Performance Tracking

A successful SEO campaign takes time to implement, and there is often a period of 3-6 months (depending on factors such as market saturation, competitive practice areas, etc.) before we can expect to see meaningful results. During this time, however, you will be able to monitor your analytics dashboard to see how we are generating momentum that will translate to a winning SEO strategy in time.

Custom Analytics Dashboard For Clients

When you are working with On The Map for an SEO campaign, you will have access to a custom dashboard that measures our performance, including traffic analysis, conversion rates, and more. Your account manager is dedicated to ensuring that your work with On The Map is both clear and simple to understand, but knowing that all of your data is right at your fingertips can help you keep track of our results in real-time.

Miami criminal lawyer keyword ranking

Traffic Tracking

Understanding the type of traffic arriving to your website such as demographics, location, keywords, and on-site interactions with each page provide valuable insights into growth opportunities and can help us further fine-tune your SEO strategy in order to maximize our results. We do this with a range of tracking tools such as Google Analytics and will provide you with your own dashboard in order to monitor performance and see exactly what is happening with your campaign.

Keyword Ranking Tracking

Tracking the ranking of each keyword we are targeting during our SEO campaign is an important way to benchmark our progress and identify areas that need improvement. Fluctuation in your ranking is to be expected — even in the top 3 slots — because of ongoing competitive pressure, but the key here is to make sure that we are proactively maintaining high ranks for each keyword and making adjustments as necessary. 

This is just one more way that the team at On The Map ensures that our work is successful and quantifiable at all levels. Hitting a Top 3 SERP slot is only the start of our work.

Orlando DUI attorney keyword ranking overview

Conversion Tracking

Many people get caught up in “vanity metrics” such as overall impressions (number of people that view your site) or clicks (number of people that click into your link on the Google search results) but fail to recognize that their conversion rate is suffering due to a high volume of traffic from low intent visitors. Lead quality is an important factor that helps us further fine-tune our work, and our lead tracking tool will provide you with 100% transparency with both the work going into and the results coming out of our ongoing campaign. 

By continuing to narrow down to higher-value traffic, we will be able to maximize your return on your marketing budget and ensure that our efforts are reaching the correct audience. 

Custom leads analytics by Trackright

SEO Performance Against Other Law Firm Marketing Channels

Search engine optimization is a crucial aspect of law firm marketing that can help your business rise in the Google search results and increase the volume of site visitors who are ready to partner with your firm. One of the most effective ways to reach new customers is to be in front of them right at the beginning moment of their buying decision journey. In other words, when someone is looking for an attorney they are turning to a search engine, at that moment you want to be in front of them.  



There are options like paid search that can help you put your brand before a potential client, but PPC will only generate leads while you are paying and managing the campaign and turn off as soon as you restrict your budget. In addition, a pay-per-click search means that you are paying for traffic from someone who has already indicated that they are a valuable potential client by searching for the right keywords for your services.

By utilizing search engine optimization for your law firm’s website, you can improve your law firm’s marketing efforts by climbing the Google search results page while providing useful and informative content for your visitors. By improving your Google organic rankings through effective content, updated and mobile-friendly website design, and in-depth keyword research, you can enjoy the benefits of your position on the Google search pages for a long time.

You already understand the impotence of law firm marketing, and when your competitors are running SEO for law firms, then you will benefit from partnering with a search engine optimization company as soon as possible. We will be happy to share some of the many success stories from our work with criminal defense attorneys, personal injury law firms, and a range of other clients in the legal industry.

SEO VS Social Media

Social media is a useful tool to keep your followers updated on things like special events, exclusive offers, and other tools that can help build relationships and maintain brand awareness, and can be a great medium for sharing your SEO content, but should be regarded as a separate digital marketing arm with vastly different goals. Search engine optimization will help you reach a new audience who is signaling specific intent to use or learn more about the legal services you offer, while social media is typically most effective at maintaining these connections once they have already been established. 

At On The Map, we encourage you to leverage your social media channels effectively, but would not suggest relying solely on tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn to generate new leads for your law firm. Search engine optimization will help you reach people on their own terms by improving your visibility on keywords that they are using to find services like your own.

SEO VS Billboard

Traditional marketing, or digital? Why not both? If you have found success in the past using traditional marketing formats like direct mail, billboards, or radio spots, this is great news; however, digital marketing is continuously improving and providing tools with which to measure and maximize the returns on your marketing investments by fine-tuning your reach, providing useful information that establishes your authority in the industry, and provides the ability to focus on specific sectors of digital search traffic as opposed to spending valuable marketing dollars on an audience of “commuters stuck in traffic.”

attorney billboard parody

Physical mediums like billboards are (unfortunately) not going anywhere in the world of advertising, but the reality is that digital marketing allows you or your SEO firm to get as granular as possible and continuously adjust your messaging to maximize engagement. A billboard may result in an increase in phone or email inquiries, but digital marketing generates data for each interaction that can be used to improve your users’ experiences in order to maximize your conversion rates and get the most out of your marketing budget. 

SEO VS Radio Advertising 

Radio advertising, much like physical advertising media like billboards or direct mail, can absolutely lead to an increase in leads, but much like a billboard you have little control over your target audience beyond “Listeners of X station at Y time slot.” To correlate a radio ad to SEO, a radio ad would be similar to using only short-tail keywords that reach a wide, unfocused audience. In digital marketing, this is referred to as a “spray and pray” method, relying on generating as many impressions as possible without focusing on your conversion rate. 

Much like billboard advertising, radio spots can and do generate leads — but lack performance metrics beyond simply using the number of leads during the ad campaign and attempting to assign a cost per conversion (CPC) without a digital footprint that can help you understand each individual user’s journey. 

We may be biased at On The Map, but when given the chance between abstracted results and hard data, we will stick with our Google Analytics console every time!

Successful Attorney SEO Case Studies

Below are just three of the many success stories we are happy to share in greater detail with you as we discuss the opportunities that SEO marketing can provide your law firm. 

great law firm leads growth

Stroleny Law 

When Stroleny Law first began working with Valeria to improve leads and conversions on their website, the law firm was averaging 4 leads per month. Over a 12-month period, leads increased by 3,877% and the number of ranking keywords increased by 434%. These are just two of the numerous improvements that we continue to focus on for this valued client.

successful attorney form submissions and calls increase


At the start of our work with 1-800-Injured, their goal was to drastically improve targeted content that would help them maximize their search traffic for South Florida car accidents. By running an ongoing Local Domination campaign with On The Map, 1-800-Injured is consistently Top 3 for “Car Accident Lawyer in Miami,” a highly competitive keyword that has resulted in an increase of over $160,000 in traffic value and a 1,702% increase in organic traffic.

lawyer form submissions and calls increase

Fasig | Brooks

Allocating funds to your marketing budget can be intimidating, but our work with Fasig | Brooks is a perfect case study of a positive return on investments. When we began our law firm SEO campaign with Fasig | Brooks, their monthly traffic was valued at $3,373; Over the course of 12 months, they realized a 577% increase in traffic value to $22,851. When you are working with a proven SEO firm like On The Map, you can count on getting the results you expect while reaching potential clients who will greatly benefit from the services you offer.

When To Start SEO For Lawyers

The best day for law firms to start SEO was yesterday, but the next best day is today. A quick Google search for law firms in your area will likely show you that your competitors are already producing content in order to improve their organic search rankings, but by partnering with a proven SEO company, you can count on our support with your law firm marketing campaign so that you can start capturing some of this valuable traffic. 

top 10 personal injury lawyer websites with the highest traffic value in 2020

More and more, law firms are recognizing the importance of organic search rankings and the value that potential clients place on useful and helpful content that can help answer their preliminary questions. 

SEO, like any strong marketing or outreach campaign, takes time and effort to reach the top tier. According to recent research carried out by our in-house analysts, the highest-ranking websites have over 500 indexed pages and over 200 backlinks pointing to sending traffic to their URL. Success on this level requires a measured approach and dedicated work in order to steadily produce and publish high-value content that reaches the potential clients who will benefit most from connecting with your law firm.

Most legal issues are highly complex, and by providing simplified and understandable content about searcher’s biggest questions, you are benefiting from improving your rankings with SEO and link building while also helping them understand their situation and recognizing your authority 

How to choose the Best Law Firm SEO expert?

Choosing the right SEO firm to handle your digital marketing needs can be a difficult decision to make, but working with a company that has proven results and measurable data to back its claims is one of the best ways to make a decision with confidence. At On The Map, we know that you will be satisfied with the work we do just like the many other clients — in both lawyer SEO work and beyond — who have enjoyed improved search rankings and a significant increase in conversions. Some of the biggest indicators to look out for when choosing a firm that can handle your law firm SEO needs:

Substantial Experience With Law Firm SEO

The team at On The Map has over a decade of experience in law firm search engine optimization, and over the years our understanding and experience continue to grow and our processes are further refined. SEO is a constantly changing strategy that must be adjusted as algorithms change, search requirements evolve, and market demands shift, and our consistent results show our ability to continuously advance our own work in order to stay ahead of the pack.

In-Depth Understanding of Google Ranking Algorithms

Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines do not disclose their algorithms or their specific markers for what makes a “first slot” search result, which means that a team must continuously build on their own experience and results to maximize their output. At On The Map, a big part of our work is continuously analyzing and tracking outcomes in order to identify changes to the algorithm and adjust our best practices. An inability to stay flexible is a good way to slip in the rankings, and our consistency with long-running campaigns is a great indication of our research and implementation as search algorithms evolve.

Robust Portfolio of High-Ranking Clients For Competitive Keywords in Competitive Markets

Experience and understanding are two essential attributes of a great law firm SEO firm, but the most important thing to look for are measurable results for competitive keywords. Capturing low volume or low competition keywords isn’t difficult, but maintaining a high slot on the search engine results pages requires diligence, expertise, and continuous creativity — especially when working in a highly saturated market using competitive keywords. Our results in markets like Miami, Washington DC, and Los Angeles speak for themselves, and we will be happy to go through examples in a variety of competitive markets to show you the results we can achieve.

Impressive Web Design Team Capable of Building Successful and Attractive Websites

All of the search traffic in the world won’t matter if visitors leave your site confused, frustrated, or uncertain of how to take the next step. This is why our team of in-house web developers and designers are constantly working to maximize traffic to your site by using data-driven design and providing intuitive user funnels. In addition to building an attractive and useful site, our team will make sure that your site is performing to the max under the hood by optimizing for things like load time and site structure.

Willingness to Develop Custom Solutions For Your SEO Needs

If you are talking with an SEO firm and feel like they are trying to shoehorn your specific needs into their predetermined strategies, this can be a red flag that they are unwilling to work creatively in order to get the most out of your target market and unique needs. On The Map is happy to discuss your situation and get a better sense of what makes your project different, and we continuously adjust our strategy in order to help you reach your digital marketing goals. 

Full In-House Capabilities For All Digital Marketing Focuses

Working with an individual consultant or a small SEO firm might mean that each role is distributed across a network of contractors who may be completely siloed from each other. At On The Map, we understand the importance of cross-team functionality, which is why all of the work is performed in-house to maximize efficiency, accountability, and communication. When our firm is working on your SEO campaign, you can trust that each aspect of the work is performed by a vetted member of the On The Map team.

What are white hat SEO and black hat SEO consultants?

As you research SEO strategies and try to make more sense of how law firms leverage content to increase traffic to their website, you may come across the terms “white hat” and “black hat” SEO. 

Working with a black hat SEO company can lead to some serious impact on your traffic due to being penalized by the major search engines. This is why it is so important to choose wisely when partnering with a digital marketing agency to operate a content campaign for you. 

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is the term for following Google’s guidelines on how to produce meaningful, useful, and effective content without attempting to “game the system.” Doing legitimate SEO work in order to improve traffic to your website takes time, effort, and budget, but the results can reward you long into the future while helping potential clients understand the value of working with a team like yours. 

Black Hat SEO

Many contractors offer quick results for law firms that may seem too good to be true — and usually, it is too good to be true. Black hat SEO focuses on cheating the search engine algorithms in order to produce quick improvements in the search rankings before collecting the client’s check and disappearing into the internet. Things like using invisible text to “boost” keyword count, publishing “doorway pages” that boost keyword counts without providing useful content, or link spamming with booths can all lead to quick improvements that will ultimately result in significant penalties that can cause serious damage to your SEO campaign and the way potential clients perceive your brand.

Google and the other search engines catch these tactics fairly quickly and your site will be penalized for using these banned practices. Working with a black hat SEO contractor may save you money in the short term, but will ultimately result in negative impacts that can take a lot of time to work back from. 

Bar Advertising Rules

Along with Google’s strict guidelines for advertising, there is the important issue of aligning with your state’s bar requirements for advertising your law firm. Any non-attorney individual acting on behalf of your law firm (in this case, an SEO firm) is held to these standards, and you will be held accountable for any conduct that violates the bar’s advertising rules and restrictions. 

Each state’s bar has unique standards (to learn more about those go here), and On The Map knows and understands these rules, and works diligently to incorporate each rule change or reinterpretation into our own best practices. Our ethical approach to your digital marketing needs is one of the keys to our success in running an effective marketing campaign that adheres to these important restrictions.

How Much Does a Law Firm SEO Cost?

The US Small Business Administration suggests that a marketing budget of 7-8% of your yearly revenue on marketing, which includes but is not limited to search engine optimization. Depending on the range of marketing channels you are engaging with and how aggressively you would like to pursue an SEO strategy, you will be able to choose from a variety of packages that On The Map offers. 

Remember that like with anything else, good work is not cheap. Trying to find the least expensive SEO contractor on the internet may sometimes produce decent results as the individual works to prove themselves, but more often you will end up working with a sub-par consultant who is looking for a quick paycheck by using black hat SEO techniques. 

On The Map develops pricing specific to your monthly deliverables that are based on content gaps, backlink gaps, and the scope of work in order to achieve the results you expect. We create our deliverable packages built around monthly content and link-building campaigns that will produce results based on the saturation and competitiveness of your market, the keywords we are targeting, and more. Our output could range from 2,000 words per month to more than 10,000 words per month depending on these factors and more.

A low competition campaign can produce results for as low as $1,000, but in high competition areas, these packages may range from $5,000 to $15,000+. You will be able to work closely with your SEO account manager in order to develop a campaign that suits your budget and goals in order to help you achieve the results you are hoping for given your unique situation.

Contact the team at On The Map now to speak directly with someone about your SEO needs and to get a sense of what our work together might cost. We will be able to go through our specific packages so you can understand exactly what you will be getting for your money, and will see clearly that we want to maximize your return on your marketing budget investment.

Where Can I Get the Best Lawyer SEO marketing?

There are lots of legal marketing companies, websites, and platforms that help connect SEO contractors with potential clients, and many will advertise low costs and high returns. The reality, though, is that working with a single specialist or a “cheap” contractor typically leads to low-quality output and mediocre results. On The Map, Inc. has over a decade of work with a wide range of clients in many different industries that we are happy to share during our initial consultations to give you a sense of how you can benefit from working with an established and proven SEO firm. 

All of our work is performed in-house, meaning that you can expect accountability and performance from each of the individual teams that collectively work on your SEO tactics. From analysis to writing, outreach to website optimization, every aspect of your search engine optimization internet marketing is handled through our tried-and-true SEO process. 

You will be involved each step of the way to ensure that you understand the strategy and work going into improving your search engine rankings and producing the traffic you expect to your law firm’s website. 

Contact us now to speak with an SEO expert about your needs and to learn about how we can help. Our experience and results with law firm SEO can give you an idea of the quality of work you can expect from an SEO campaign with a proven legal marketing agency like On The Map, and we will be happy to answer each of your specific questions to ensure that you know exactly what to expect as one of our valued legal SEO clients. 

In the next section, you can learn more about each step of our proven SEO process and why we can provide consistent, lasting results to support your law firm’s SEO efforts to climb the keyword rankings. 

Leading Law Firm SEO Agency On The Map Marketing

For over a decade, On The Map Marketing has been generating incredible, consistent, and reliable results for our law firm clients. We will be happy to go through these results with you to give you a sense of our approach to providing unique and productive technical SEO support for each of our clients, regardless of industry, practice area, geographic location, or any other factor. 

Our tried-and-true approach to search engine optimization will help you start reaching new clients while climbing the search engine results pages by offering helpful and supportive information to those who are in need of your services.

Award-Winning Results

We know that after a single conversation with our team, you will be confident in the work we can do together; however, we understand the value of data and results, which is why we are happy to share previous case studies about the successful and award-winning work we have done for many different clients across a range of industries. 

Let us boost up your Law Firm SEO results

If you are ready to take the next step in your digital marketing efforts, contact us now. We will be able to share past results, give you a better understanding of how search engine optimization can help your law firm specifically, and audit your law firm’s website to give you a sense of the changes that need to happen before you can start capturing traffic from a wider audience. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Law Firm SEO

What is law firm SEO?

Simply put, law firm SEO is the practice of using keyword-targeted content to improve your law firm’s website rankings on major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

By creating content that provides specific and helpful information to your target clients while incorporating extensive keyword research to capture traffic from specific queries related to your field of work, you will be able to connect with search engine users who are in need of your valuable services. 

Why do law firms need SEO for lawyers?

There is no rule saying that all law firms need SEO for lawyers, but the reality is that your competitors are likely using SEO — and if they aren’t, they will soon — and trying to climb the ranks against competitors who have an active, mature SEO campaign takes more work than establishing your own rankings early. 

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, search engine users trust organic search results more than paid results, meaning that the higher you rank on organic search results the more trustworthy your law firm is to a searcher.

How to do law firm SEO?

The answer to this question is long and in-depth, but in short, law firm SEO starts with extensive research on your target audience, their needs, and how your services can help support these potential clients. 

Once you have recognized the methods that your potential clients are using to find law firms like yours, you will then begin to generate content that answers their questions while leveraging specific search keywords and queries in order to connect with them more effectively through search engine results.

When is attorney SEO needed?

If you are looking to improve traffic to your law firm’s website, SEO is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. Instead of paying for each click (from a user who has already indicated that they are interested in your services based on their search query), you can capture organic traffic by improving your search engine ranking through organic content and effective use of keywords. 

If you want to expand your business and connect with new clients, law firm SEO might be for you. 

Who can help with SEO for lawyers?

Working with a proven and reputable SEO company is one of the best ways to get the support that you need to build a strong search engine optimization campaign and start generating new leads for your business. There are many companies and contractors online, but working with an established SEO firm can help you get the most out of your marketing budget. 

Contact On The Map now to speak with our SEO specialists about your goals for digital marketing and learn more about the support that we can provide you with.

Where to get SEO services for a law firm?

Contact our team as soon as possible to learn about how we can help you get started on your SEO journey right away. If you are reading this, you have already found a company that has proven results from a wide range of industries and years of experience working with law firms across the county to reach new customers. 

How much does a law firm SEO Cost?

Depending on how aggressively you want to approach search engine optimization, there is a wide range of prices for each package that we offer. We encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation so we can talk about the results you are hoping to achieve, as well as the budget that you are working with. 

We are happy to work with you in order to find a budget that works for you that can help improve your SEO rankings and start driving new traffic to your law firm’s website. We are confident that as our work starts to produce results you will be happy with the return on your marketing budget investment.

How long does it take to rank on Google as a lawyer?

Search engine optimization takes time, since it is focused on organic rankings. One of the draws of PPC marketing is that you can enjoy instant results, but the reality is that the quality of these results is often lower than when you are capturing organic traffic due to the level of inherent trust that is in the organic rankings when compared to a paid ad. 

We typically start seeing meaningful results with our SEO work within 3-6 months depending on how saturated the market is, how competitive the other law firms ranking on the results pages are, and more. We will be able to get a better sense of what to expect for results once we take a closer look at your law firm and your competitors.

Can SEO be done on an existing lawyer website?

We are happy to do SEO on your existing website, but it is likely that there will need to be improvements in order to effectively handle an increase in traffic and maximize conversions to your site. This is why one of our first steps with a new client is to perform a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your existing site including your use of title tags and meta descriptions, load times, navigation, and more. 

After our analysis is complete, we will turn your site over to our developers who will make the necessary improvements to maximize your conversions by leading visitors down a clear and simple funnel while improving your Google quality score.

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