3 Key On-Site Optimizations Every Law Office’s Website Needs

In the past, users would follow keywords, like breadcrumbs, to their desired website, however, nowadays the cyber forrest is caked with so many sugary distractions your website may get lost.  

To keep markets maniacs from forming SEO monopolies, search engines like Google and Bing, constantly adjust their ranking values to keep the playing field level and give the user the most honest results. Due to the ever-modifying algorithms, it is impossible to predict what Google prefers, although there are aspects of a website we know that search engines do pay attention to.

Today immediate is too late, as visibility is a pivotal hurdle to success. Search Engine Optimization is the key to building a strong online presence and opening the door to billions of potential users as quickly as possible. If your website is not getting the views it needs to promote your business you may need to take a closer look at your headers, taglines, and meta-description.  

Heading 1

A website’s heading allows Google and other search engines to learn what the website is about and shuffle it into the proper category. Headings must be simple and to the point to allow search engines to organize results faster. Think of a heading as the overall title of your webpage.

Keywords are the secret to any heading. Perfect your vernacular by utilizing unique words that are relevant to your business. Keep descriptions short but give an answer to a specific question. An example of a great header for your law firm might read: Slip and Fall Attorney in Miami Florida.         


We have Headings that describe the overall theme of the page, but to narrow the amount of random users we get to quality consumers we also have taglines. Taglines should also be kept short and brief but narrow the search down to a more specified topic. It is a marketer’s opportunity to utilize keywords that were not in the heading.    

Snatch your clients attention by introducing by crafting creative and unique taglines. Know your target market and formulate a tagline around their needs. Think of what keywords they would use and how they would frame them. When you anticipate your client’s desires and motives you have a large opportunity to capture what they really want. For instance a tagline for your law firm’s website may read: Bodily Injury Claim in Miami Florida     


Marketers must also pay close attention to the details they include in their meta-descriptions. These short blurbs explain in a few sentences what the web page is about and is displayed on the search results page beneath the blue title tag. Meta-descriptions are typically 130 to 160 characters so keyword usage must be artful and distinct enough to bombinate interest. If you are a lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice or motor vehicle accidents, here is where you should mention it.

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