Integrating Social Media into your Law Office’s Website (One Free + Easy Tool)

Not everyone has the stamina it takes to become a social media icon. For many that run a business it is difficult to find time to update social media accounts and market their businesses properly. Social media marketing is a great, free, form of advertising that can have a large impact, but only if time is invested.

Social media has carved a unique space in the cyberverse that allows for interactive advertisements. Audience engagement is crucial to making a lasting impression and social media allows room for a conversation. A client may wonder what the average settlement for a slip and fall knee injury would be or how long a workers compensation case may take. The public wants answers as quickly as possible. Marketing has moved pass simply emblazoning a logo in as many spaces as possible, now it works by gathering information and solving consumer issues.     

What is IFTTT?

Established in 2010, IFTTT was created to make social media marketing easier. The acronym, IFTTT, translates to “If this then that”, which is an easy to understand algorithm that organizes your social media accounts with just one click. A single post on your favorite social media account will activate an applet, or string of sharing systems that will update all of your social media profiles almost automatically.

How to use IFTTT

An IFTTT account is essential to any to any business. Like all social media accounts, first you must sign up using the web page. From there, you simply click “my applets”, and start a new applet. By clicking on the orange RSS Feed button you can begin the process of unifying your social media applications. Triggers represent the “this” part of the acronym. It is the action that initiates the program, so choose the option that works best for your business.

An IFTTT account is a useful tool for any business. Linking all of your social media accounts is and saving yourself time is only a few clicks away. The following is a short guide as to how to link your social media accounts using IFTTT:

  1. Sign up at
  2. Click “My Applets”
  3. Start a “New Applet”
  4. Click the orange RSS Feed button
  5. Select your “Trigger” or “fuse” that’ll ignite the social media chain when updated


An RSS or Rich Site Summary is an online comprehensive pamphlet that displays your favorite website or blog content in one convenient area. This is also a crucial time saver as it helps you get the information you need quicker. IFTTT guides you through a few easy steps that links all of your social media information. Choose the proper “ingredients” that relate to your law firm’s website and find sometime else to do with all the time you have saved. 

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