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Roofing Marketing Trends in 2017

Marketing is the process of generating sales through promotion. Over the years, it has grown through several evolutions. Traditional methods are becoming more and more outdated and more than likely a waste of the marketer’s time. It is the job of a professional marketing firm to understand which marketing methods are dead. Examples of once successful marketing methods include:

Radio Advertising

Nowadays, music can be discovered and shared through various methods. Though there are still some dedicated radio listeners, the market for radio advertisements has dwindled. Modern day listeners prefer more interactive and targeted forms of marketing. The chances that your roofing commercial is relevant to an active listener is a lot like putting a message in a bottle and throwing it out to sea.

Case Study:  According to Replacement Contractor Online, women ages 35-60 are statistically responsible for contract and remodeling decisions. This is the same demographic that listens to the radio, however it is not a narrow niche. Promoting to women of a particular age is way too general to yield specific or high results.  

Newspaper Advertising       

While newspapers play a trustworthy role in our society, their sales have been on a steady decline for years. Many readers, especially younger consumers, are finding their news on digital platforms. A modernday marketer needs to focus their strategy in online methods.

Case Study: In 2009, the revenue newspapers received from advertisements dropped 13.7%. According to Gerad Baker, chief editor of The Wall Street Journal, “We operate in a time of rapidly changing market conditions, especially in the world of print advertising. These are days of accelerating change in the newspaper business.”

Direct Mail    

Long ago, people were excited to receive a letter in the mail, especially if it contained some sort of coupon or free offer. However, more recent years have proven the opposite. The market has been flooded with this type of advertising so much that most people aren’t even curious enough to open unsolicited mail.  

Case Study:  Direct mail services have been on an extreme decline since 2010. According to the Wall Street Journal, it may fall 38% come 2020. In fact in 2009, the United States Postal Service considered removing Saturday service due to the far drop in usage.

To get attention, marketing techniques needs to be new and unique. However, as much as we may hate to admit it, we as humans are pack creatures. Instinctively, this means that we look for a leader to step out of the crowd and introduce us to new and innovative ways of thinking. Trends become popular when they work. Current successful marketing trends list:


High search engine optimization is one of the most important necessities to the success of a business. If your business’s website appears on the first page in the results of a search engine then it is more likely that the web surfer will click it. Visibility is the main objective of your website and once achieved sales will surely follow.


Pay Per Click Ads are extremely popular because the purchasing company does not pay for advertisements unless a consumer clicks on it. Popular because every penny is money well spent. This is a cost effective method of marketing that allows a company to budget and receive a hefty ROI.          

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube have burned the barriers that separate companies from millions of potential clients. Social media allows for a wide net to catch consumers that you may not be aware of. Sharing capabilities open the market to secondary customers that you are not directly targeted.   

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a popular form of reaching the public because it is generally cost less and has a high return on investment. Studies have shown that a strong digital marketing campaign can elevate your business to unexpected heights. Some benefits that digital marketing have over traditional marketing include:

  • Fair game. The internet is an open field operated by neutral parties. If knowledgeable, you could potentially be very successful spending little to no money. Google decides which website ranks the highest. Period.   
  • Cost effective. Because digital advertisements require little to no inventory and are easily modified and reused, the cost tends to be lower than newspaper, magazine and other forms of traditional advertisements.  
  • Wider Net. Sharing capabilities, such as a simple retweet can drastically increase your business’s exposure to potential clients.
  • Brand Acknowledgement. Consumers are more likely to trust a business if it is familiar to them. Even the acknowledgement of a logo in the subconscious of a buyer can ease the anxiety of making a purchase.      

Roofing Industry Analysis  

As experienced marketers we have done the work for you. Through the long process of trial and error we have compiled a list of strategies that will earn your roofing company business. By boosting traffic to your website we can ensure an increase in visibility which will in turn improve sales. When analyzing roofing market strategies consider the following points:

  • Market Size
  • Industry Trends
  • Market Share    
  • Competitor’s advantage

What ROI should I expect?

A 2017 case study revealed that 22% of roofing business sales generated from search engine results. Generally speaking, the return on investment for roofing companies lean toward higher end results. Because of the integral details framed within the roof construction business, most businesses can see an ROI after just one referral.  

Roofing Marketing Campaigns Lengths

A marketing campaign’s length is totally dependant on desired results. While there are campaigns that only last for a week, some can go on for several months. In regards to your roofing company many factors must be taken into consideration including:

  • Residential or Commercial
  • Local or National
  • ROI
  • Information gathering or Product pushing

Many different factors determine how your marketing campaign will be formulated and for how long it will be in circulation. A typical marketing plan can be executed in 2-3 months, however, many variables may modify that time.

Local or National Roofing Market Campaign

Marketing decisions can be complicated; no one wants to take the risk of treading a fruitless path. However, the choice between local or national marketing is one of the simplest decisions to make, especially for your roofing business. Craft your marketing plan towards your target audience. Who will be using your services? It is unlikely that your roofing business will have clients in other states.

Your roofing market campaign should focus on the local consumer. This can easily be done by keeping your branding efforts within the community. Coupons, advertisements, sales and promotions should all be made with the spotlight on the regional client.       

Incorporation of New Roofing Trends into Content  

To maintain a significant SEO advantage, keep your content fresh and up-to-date. It is important to not only understand the changes in market trends, but the fluctuations of design in your own business. This will heavily impact your search volume but can change without warning.

Trends and tides travel together. Stay up to date with famous styles as fashion has infiltrated the roofing community. 2017 invited many popular ideas into the industry. Colorscheme has always been a major factor deciding the aesthetic of the roof, however, nowadays there is much more than just that.

More and more users are leaning toward Title 24, which is an energy efficient design that saves the user money by shielding the house from extreme weather conditions. The demand for this type of tile may increase or decrease as the market changes. What is important is to not only understand roofing trends, but to also grasp the type of popular marketing trends.   

Digital Marketing Platforms Guaranteed to Increase Revenue

Digital Marketing is a general term that encompasses all forms of electronic promotion. It includes any advertisement shown on a mobile device as well as pop-ups and promotional hashtags. This form of marketing is successful because more than often, it is targeted and cheaper than alternate methods. Digital marketing also tends to be an effective strategy of marketing as the ROI is generally high.

Website Development

As a business owner, your online real estate is just as important as your physical address.  Your roofing website is your cyber portfolio that represents your company on a medium that is accessible 24/7. Your website must be neat and professional as well as informative and concise. There are many experts in the field of website construction who focus on the following tips:    

Development Approach

Navigation. To keep visitors returning to your website, be sure to keep navigation as simple as possible. Check that all links have valid destinations and that are relevant to the page they are linking from.

Mobile Capability. Now that the internet can be accessed from various devices it is imperative that your website properly translate.

Aesthetically Pleasing. Regardless of how informative your site is, no one is going to read it if the text is against a distracting pattern. Keep font styles consistent and to use contrasting colors to make the consumer experience as comforting as possible.

Visual Hierarchy. Most web surfers view websites in the same fashion they read books. Their eyes start at the top left then travel to the right, then down the page. An experienced web developer can use this to their advantage by arranging important items to the most visible locations.

Keep clutter to a minimum. It is very easy to become distracted online. Keep your website clutter-free in order to focus the attention on your business’s products and services.

Roofing Application

Navigation. Your web surfer should not have to do more work than needed. Forget the fluff. With minimal clicks and a few seconds your viewer should be able to find:

  • Roof repair prices
  • Roof installation prices
  • Contact information
  • FAQ

Mobile Capability. Modern times are made for the man (or woman)-on-the-go. Potential clients may look up your website from a mobile device. Pricing information must be communicated as quickly as possible. Mobile users may not spend too much time on your roofing website so call to actions must be bold. Make it easy for your consumers to call you directly for an unique consultation.

Aesthetically Pleasing. Your roofing website is generally not the space for entertainment as most visitors arrive with the need for a constructional solution. An aesthetically pleasing website will ease tension in a stressful situation such as a leak or hole in your roof. This is get a client to stay on your page longer which increases the likelihood of a purchase.

Visual Hierarchy. Appease your viewers by satisfying their needs as quickly as possible. A great way to do this is to take advantage of your website’s visual hierarchy. If call to actions and immediate needs are placed in obvious places, the client who is pressed for time can easily utilize your services.

Keep clutter to a minimum. Your roofing website is not the place for junk. Keep all content and links relevant to the viewer. Distractions will only cause you to lose business. Create a clear directory with minimal fluff.


SEO is the process of lifting a website to a higher ranking on popular search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Studies have taught that most web surfers choose between the top 3 results on a search page. Search Engine Optimization is the key to any successful business as it boosts traffic to your website. However, high SEO is not a task that can be easily achieved.

Note a few points to consider when developing an SEO strategy:

Relevant Keywords

Implement as many keywords into your content and headers to alert Google to what your business in about. Though the importance of keywords has changed over the years, they are still included in the calculation Google uses to rank websites.

In the past Google matched keywords exactly. It quickly scanned the words on the page for familiarities and simply ranked the page with that resembled the searched phrase the most. However, now Google has moved into more advanced ways of ranking. Instead of using exact words Google now attempts to interpret the meaning behind the phrase. For example when searching for “cheap roofing tiles in Miami”, Google will translate the content of your site and look for anything that might relate to “a store with inexpensive roofing material near Miami, Florida.”  This mode of search is called, “semantic search” and is just one of the new features Google uses in its ranking strategy.  

Authoritative Links

Birds of a feather can improve SEO together.

Only link to websites that are credible. This will show search engines that you are an expert in your field. Google and other search engines examine the links that point toward your roofing website. Quality links will boost your SEO rating by sharing their authoritative status with your website.     

Site Speed

Keep the load times on your website short as search engines show favoritism to faster webpages.            

Pay Per Click

As the name suggests, Pay Per Click advertisements are based around the concept that businesses only pay Google and other PPC services once the advertisement is clicked. This is an attractive option because it shows an immediate ROI. Listed beneath are a few reasons as to why Pay Per Click ads are successful.

  • Cheap. Pay Per Click ads are cheaper because the business only pays once an advertisement is clicked. This means that no money was wasted and that an advertising budget can be easy to stick to.
  • Directly targets potential clients. It is safe to assume that everyone who clicks your ad is at least somewhat interested in your product.
  • Compatible with many digital outlets. The ability to reach as many people as possible is the goal.

Facebook Ads  

With over 1.14 billion active users, Facebook has the mouths of marketers salivating world wide. Your Facebook profile has become your online driver’s license. As a leader in the social media market, this company has made it easy to exchange ideas digitally and for a very low cost.

Many marketing services take advantage of the popularity of Facebook as it is the average person checks their personal feed about 14 times a day. Here are a few points to remember when creating Facebook advertisements.

  • Use Call to Actions
  • Choose images that stand out
  • Be consistent
  • Place the ad in a visible spot
  • Appeal to the consumers emotions  

Digital Marketing will only help your business succeed. Take advantage of as many opportunities as possible to ensure profitable results. The sky’s the limit. You may be surprised by your efforts.    

How your Roofing Business could be Making More Money using Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has quickly become the most powerful form of marketing to date. Electronically communicating with your consumers has proven to be cost effective, fast, and successful. Never before has any form of marketing been able to reach this many billions world wide. Manipulating the digital market is the key to achievement in any business, contact a marketing master for experienced service.

Reach an infinite audience  

North America has a population of 363,224,006; 320,059,368 use the internet. Generally 73% of Americans access the internet daily, while 21% are reported to be online constantly. It is obvious that the internet is the perfect place to gather an audience because there is always someone on.


Like the universe, the cyberverse knows no bounds. The internet has the ability to reach an unlimited amount of users world-wide. Skilled marketers have the ability to measure and track their means of promotion to see which reap the best results.

Higher ROI

Earning a high return on investment is the goal of any purchase. Digital marketing is a field where your ROI is generally high. Below are some tips as to maximize your ROI.

  • Focus on returning clients
  • Constantly experiment
  • Keep accurate records
  • Concentrate on consumer engagement

Digital Marketing is Interactive and Engages with customers

The internet has become popular largely because of the user’s ability to be a part of the big picture. With only a few simple clicks on a keyboard, a web surfer can be acknowledged, not only by peers, but by massive corporations, popular celebrities, and prestigious politicians.

Leaving a comment on a business’s Facebook, or posting a bad review on an open forum gives customer the ability to freely express their opinion behind the safety of their computer screens.   

Results are easily measured

You don’t have to be a marketing magician to accurately track and measure your results. There are several online tools that will do exactly that for you. Below is a list of analytic tools that could help you assess your success.

  • Google Analytics
  • Mixpanel
  • Kapost’s Content Scoring
  • Marketing Evolution
  • Lattice Engines

Tracking your data is vital to your marketing plan. Only by carefully analyzing your results will you be able to revise your digital marketing approach to a style that best fits your company. Keeping accurate records and making the proper adjustments is the element that will decide your marketing success.   

Unique Page Views

Talk about being authoritative, and how this helps achieve more clicks, helps climb up SERP, helps reach more users.

Average Time on Page

Bounce Rate

How Our Scientifically Proven Marketing Process Unlocks Your Roofing Business’s Hidden Money Making Potential

Promotion points to prosperity. As marketing magicians we have devised foolproof marketing techniques that will help your business soar above competitors. Great marketing is an element of success that can not be overlooked. If we told you all of our secrets, there will be no mystery to our methods, however, what we can tell you is that your business has not achieved its full money making potential.  

SEO / PPC Market and Search Research and Analysis

Your brand is your company’s identity told through themes, idiosyncratic comportments, and emotions. It’s what makes your company unique. Adept branding can lead to generic trandmarking, which is when a brand name replaces the product name. A famous example of this is when someone refers to any tissue brand as a Kleenex.

Search engine optimization can improve your branding strategy by gaining your business visibility. Research has shown that subliminal ideas seep into memory only after it is seen at least 3 times. The Rule of 3, can be applied to any form of marketing as a simple logo can be placed almost anywhere.  

Design and Develop a high converting website with our proven strategies   

In the web development world, the term converting applies to the procedure of influencing a web guest into taking a desired action. This desired action could be anything along the lines of buying a product, signing up for a newsletter or service, even downloading a free gadget.

Converting a potential client into an active consumer is the most important duty your website has. Below is a list of conversion tips that will help coax clientele into important areas.

  1. Strong Call to Action. Larger text and persuasive language should be used to get the reader’s attention and create a sense of urgency.
  2. Limit Distractions. Once the web surfer is on the checkout page you need to limit the amount of distractions that could deter them from making the actual purchase or accomplishing the set task.  
  3. Offer Options. Accept various forms of payments so you don’t lose out on a single sale.
  4. Make the process as easy as possible. Nothing is more annoying that a website with terrible navigation or unclear directions. Steps to purchase should be so simple that a one-handed baby monkey could follow.
  5. Highlight Individuality. Note what makes your product or service different from others. Your consumer will appreciate it and it will help them make a more informed decision.

Drive traffic to website through SEO, Social Media and PPC    

Boosting traffic to your website is a sure way to increase sales. There are a variety of methods that can be implemented to drive traffic to your webpage. Combine strategies to maximize results. Visibility is key. Below are a few ways that different forms of digital marketing can help your business.

Search Engine Optimization Social Media Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Elevate your business’s ranking in search engines
  • Establish your company as a pillar of authority
  • Connect with other business to help improve your SEO through backlinks
  • Clear communication with clientele
  • Builds consumer loyalty
  • Exposes branding
  • Casts a wide net through viewer sharing capabilities
  • Effective data gathering
  • Cost effective with a high ROI
  • Targets niche markets
  • Piggy backs off the success of other businesses  

Use analytics to reach the ultimate campaign goals

Trial and error is the name of the game. Constant experimentation is the only way to test what works for your specific market. There are several analytic tools online that will help you keep record of your results and even compare them to past campaigns. As a marketer, your strategy should be constantly updated to align with the current trends and market tides.    

Roofing Marketing

Regardless of your business, marketing is not for the weak-willed. It is a consistent experiment of various methods and tests that analyze ever-changing industries. To undertake such a complicated task takes time and patience. Most business owners delegate this mission to marketing experts that can properly formulate then execute a marketing plan.

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