How to integrate social media into your roofing website (using one easy and free tool)

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Your business is like a beheaded Hydra; once one task is complete, another arises. Time is the most valuable asset to a businessperson. For a corporation to be profitable, consistent work is the key to success. So when it comes time to market your roofing business, the use of shortcuts become very necessary.

Social media has made significant impacts in the world of advertising. Everyday, more businesses are turning to social media to guide potential clients to their websites and services. Regardless of the platform, social media has paved a relatively cheap way to engage the public. With the use tools such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, many companies have built long lasting and trusted relationships with their consumers. Through conversation, businesses have both boosted sales and collected invaluable feedback. However, advertising with social media is very time consuming. To reap the benefits marketers must remain consistent.          

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is an acronym which stands for the phrase “If this then that.” Founded in 2010, this organization has become known as a the “swiss army knife” of social media. IFTTT connects your social media accounts to your webpage with the use of applets. Applets are created when updates or changes to a web service are activated. This convenient tool is used to save you time when marketing with social media. By linking all of your accounts, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be updated all at once so that your message is instantly shared across the board.

How to use IFTTT

An IFTTT account is essential to any to any business. Like all social media accounts, first you must sign up using the web page. From there, you simply click “my applets”, and start a new applet. By clicking on the orange RSS Feed button you can begin the process of unifying your social media applications. Triggers represent the “this” part of the acronym. It is the action that initiates the program, so choose the option that works best for your business.

The RSS or Rich Site Summary describes an outline for delivering web content that updates on a regular basis. This allows you to receive the newest content from your favorite websites or blogs without viewing them individually. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate RSS FEED and placed it in the open field, choose the social media platform that you use for your business. IFTTT will guide you through the next few actions that you need to correlate with your company’s needs. Once the necessary “ingredients” are appointed, be sure to save and test your work.

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