Why Your Roofing Website Needs An Active Blog

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Many people confuse the relationship between a blog and a website. Though similar in many ways, the two structures offer differ in respect to format. A website presents as a viral business card, with information revolved around the business’ address, contact information and relevant descriptions to services and products. Blogs, however, open the path of communication between clientele and the business. To more accurately display the information for you business it is important to understand the purpose of each platform.

What is the difference between a blog and a website? SEO is a guaranteed way to build your business from the ground up. A simple internet presence asserts authority and adds legitimacy to your business.  

The Benefits of A Website

The purpose of a business is to either sell a product or a service to customers. Loyalty of these customers directly correlates to the success of your business. A website provides a space for your business to grow as it is a 24 hour access point to your company profile and Frequently Asked Questions. Your website can be accessed all over the world so the potential of increased sales expands greatly.

In a modern world of technology and viral trends, a website is not only expected to increase sales, but to generate them. Most consumers may be distrusting of a company that does not have an online presence. Without a credible source of contact information, or reviews it is understandable why a customer may be hesitant to engage in business. A simple means of an online description can not only showcase your business’ portfolio but build legitimacy for your listing.

The Benefits of a Blog   

Unlike a website, a blog is a chronological group of postings related to a certain topic. A blog can serve as a reputable source of timely data that not only reports on your business but can also implement other significant authorities. Already, an electronic advertisement to your business your blog can make up to date references to the information within your field. For example, it may benefit your roofing company blog to mention current weather conditions or new building technology.

Another gain having a blog offers is the option for a reader to comment. Most blogs offer this feature where most websites do not. This is important because it allows the user to speak in a regal fashion about the company and or its services. When a dialog is created, it allows the business to gather honest feedback and provide proper customer service. It also permits the reader to view the unfiltered opinion of previous guests.

Which Platform Best Represents my Business

Deciding between a website or a blog can be a complexed choice but it begins with the question: Why do you have to choose? The most successful companies structure their blogs inside of the websites to keep content from running state. Blogs are the best way to keep a cycle of fresh information rotating through your website and keep clients coming back!  

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