Los Angeles Web Design

Why your Los Angeles Business Needs a Professionally Designed Website

Los Angeles is one of the most prominent metropolitan hubs of the world. Multitudes of the greatest thinkers around flock to this incredible city bringing their ideas and wildest business plans to fruition. How are you going to stand apart from them? A great (and essential) place to start is your website. At On the Map, we take care of the multitudes of intricacies that must be taken into consideration for you to have the website your business deserves.

Initial Consultation

  • Our step one in creating your website
  • Here we learn about your niche and relevant locations.
  • Next we analyze your current website, SEO status, and competitors.
  • When we thoroughly know you and your business we move on to the design phase.

Design Phase

Now that we know what you’re all about, you can see the basic vision for your website! You’ll work with our design team so you’ll know how your site will look once it’s up and running. You call the shots, so when you give us the go ahead we will move forward to the coding and development phase.

Development Phase

The development phase is a five step process of bringing all the components of your website to life.

Quality Testing

At this step we provide you with a live test link so you can navigate through a full simulation of your finished product before it goes live.  We also run through the necessary steps of quality testing and finalization by ensuring Javascript is error free, verifying all images have correct licenses and all pages have proper SEO, and validating all HTML.

Looking for a Web Design Company in Los Angeles?

Los Angeles businesses exist in an eternal spot light. From the very outset of your idea, to the intricacies of your live site—our team of highly skilled visual architects are here to bring the vision of your website to reality. Working with you every step of the way, we bring you the highest quality product that will get drive engagement to achieve the ultimate goal: maximized ROI on your internet marketing investment.

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