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What does a marketing agency do?

Marketing is the driving force behind any rewarding business model. Many misconceptions arise when questioning exactly what a marketing agency is and what they can do for your business. Put simply– marketing is the art of advertising. However, the process is more complicated than merely lighting up a huge sign. Marketing techniques involve advance brand building strategies that build long-lasting relationships with consumers and other businesses to ultimately drives sales.

We don’t like to gossip, but we will spread your business all over town. No one will see the hard work you’ve put into your company unless you promote properly. On the Map Marketing is a Miami based marketing agency that will get your business the right type of client.  

Public Relations vs Marketing

Though similar in many ways, public relations and marketing are actually separate subjects.

Public Relations Public Relations and MarketingMarketing
  • Focused on the overall popular opinion of a celebrity or brand
  • Builds relationships with the media
  • Generate sales
  • Heavy use of social media outreach
  • Concerned with the sales of a product or service
  • Builds relationships with clients

Marketing in Miami, Florida

Mouths of marketers water every year as droves of consumers travel to Miami’s beaches looking for a good time. Whether you’re enjoying the deals at Bayfront Marketplace or watching your step at the Everglades National Park, there is always something to do. Deciding what to do may get overwhelming as, the Art Deco District itself is a neon advertisement that you couldn’t miss even if you were treating yourself to lunch at the Versace Mansion. The battlefield becomes so thick with advertising attacks it is difficult for a single company to get any attention. For insider secrets contact a company that knows Miami.    

Current Marketing Trends in Miami

Economic conditions should be taken into consideration when assessing target markets and following social trends. In 2015, Miami unemployment rates have dropped to 6.1%, but the average weekly real wage has declined by 1.6%. This means that although more people are working, they are ultimately earning less. Image based marketing is expected to have a significant impact on how Miami natives purchase their products as 58% of business credit a 33% increase due to the effects of online shopping.   

Current Marketing Laws in Miami

Negative Option marketing plans are illegal in the state of Florida. This occurs when a company automatically charges a client for a product or service, usually on a recurring basis, and requires the client to take special steps to opt out. In order to protect themselves, companies are required to obtain a set of permissions before charging a client card.    

On The Map Marketing serves clients in Miami, Florida and Nationwide

A business without the proper marketing services is a business that is setup to fail. Take your business to new heights by increasing visibility. On the Map Marketing is a Miami based marketing firm that understands how Miami operates.