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Why your Miami Business Needs a Professionally Designed Website

We live in one of the most relevant cities in the world. It’s not just the beautiful people of Dade County who are Googling what’s happening in our bustling metropolis. People from all over the world are meticulously planning their travels here. Your website is your sales pitch to the millions of potential customers who will come across it. It is a representation of your business and ultimately you. When you set out to create your website, there are multitudes of intricacies that must be taken into consideration. At On the Map, we take care of every minute detail so you get the website of your dreams.

Initial Consultation

Our initial consultation is step one in creating your website. This is where we learn about all the relevant locations to your business and your particular niche. We then analyze your current website to see if it is optimized for SEO, as well as the competitors in your niche. Once we have a good feel of you, your business, and your needs we move on to the design phase.

Design Phase

This is the stage where you’ll see the basic concept for your website for the first time! Our design team will create a mockup of the final product, so you’ll know exactly how your site will display once it goes live. Communication is an essential part of any relationship, so once we are all on the same page and you’re nothing short of totally thrilled we’ll move on to the coding and development phase.

Development Phase

The development phase of your website is where the magic happens. During this stage all the intricate aspects of your digital marketing come together. We cover all the bases:

  • Coding: We custom program your whole website to ensure the results are exactly what you envisioned. We do all our coding in house and you will have access to your programmers every step of the way so you’re never out of the loop.
  • Visuals: We’ll modify all texts and fonts so everything on your site is sleek and visually cohesive.
  • Standard vs eCommerce: An eCommerce website, or a digital storefront where buying and selling occurs requires additional or different components than a standard website. That’s not a problem for us here.
  • Google Analytics: We integrate one of the most powerful tools in existence for analyzing and monitoring traffic on your website. This is how we can tell who is visiting your site, what they came for, and how they are finding you.
  • Latest Technology: We design websites up to the latest technology standards.
    • HTML5: This is the skeleton of you website. It displays everything you see visually. It acts as the language that allows a browser to read information, and encapsulates all the other languages within a website that provide functionality to a static page.
    • CSS3: Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS3, is the latest evolution of CSS. In a nutshell, It makes everything visually pleasing. We use CSS3 to define everything from spacing, color, and text size to how things are displayed on different screen sizes.
    • Javascript: A coding language primarily used to program the behavior of web pages. It controls all of the functionality that makes up the interface for the user.
    • PHP: A server side scripting language used to interact with different databases that store information. PHP also is capable of storing mass amounts of data.
  • HTTPS integration: Security is the new internet standard. HTTPS ensures all communication between your website and the browser are encrypted.

Quality Testing

The quality testing stage of your website is our final step before going live! We provide you with a live test link so you can navigate through a full simulation of your finished product. We also run through the necessary steps of quality testing and finalization by:

  • Validating all HTML
  • Ensuring Javascript is error free
  • Verifying all images have correct licenses and all pages have proper SEO

Looking for a Web Design Company in Miami?

Miami businesses have a unique opportunity to make a splash far beyond the shores of Miami Beach. Whether you run an art gallery in Wynwood, a cafecito shop on Calle Ocho, or entertain the masses at a nightclub on South Beach, as fellow Miamians, we will get your website ready for the world stage.

From the inception of your idea, to the intricacies of your live site—our team of highly skilled visual architects are here to breathe life into your website. Working in tandem with you every step of the way, we use our innovative ideas and expertise to bring you the highest quality product that will get drive engagement to achieve the ultimate goal: maximized ROI on your internet marketing investment. The success of your business is the success of ours!

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