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It typically does not happen overnight, but there comes a time when every business owner or marketing manager takes a look at their website and realizes that it is outdated. Web design principles change slowly, so as some trends are left behind and replaced for others, this slow creep towards an outdated site can go unnoticed until it sticks out like a sore thumb. In other cases, you may find yourself wondering why your web traffic has taken a dip, or you are funneling money into a range of digital marketing efforts, getting great clickthrough rates, but notice that your bounce rate is far above average. If it isn’t your marketing, then what is causing these low conversions and poor retention? The answer may be your website itself.

The team at On The Map, Inc. has been working in digital marketing for over a decade together, with many of our individual teammates bringing even more experience to the table than that. We work in a range of focuses, including search engine optimization, paid advertising, and all matters of web design – including updating existing sites, optimizing for improved site rankings, and full website development for a fresh new online presence. 

Contact On The Map Now To Discuss Your Web Design Needs

We understand that taking on a project as significant as designing a new website can be overwhelming, which is why we love talking to people like you during initial calls about things like your vision, your needs, your past experience with web design, and more. Of course, budget is a major concern, and we are happy to work within your budgetary constraints to get you a site that will start improving your conversions for a price tag that works for you.

Read more below to get a general idea of our web design process, and contact us as soon as possible so that we can discuss your specific needs. We will be able to use this time to learn more about how we can best work together to get you the website that you need so that your existing customers can keep coming back, and you can tap into a wider pool of your target audience to bring your valuable services to many who are unable to find you right now.

The On The Map Web Design Process

In order to ensure that we provide every client with superior web design services, we stick with a tried and true design process that goes deep into user research and analysis before the first wireframe is even considered. The following is a general overview of this process so you can understand what to expect when you are working with us for your Milwaukee web design project.


The first step to any design project is to analyze all available information in order to determine what best practices to take forward with our new design, what weak spots we can find on your existing site to improve, as well as the best practices that other competitors and industry leaders employ that we can learn from. In addition, we will research your target audience in order to understand how they seek out a business or service like yours so that we can meet them on their own terms. Without this first step, everything else would be guesswork.


Once we have completed our analysis, the next step is to identify key targets, performance indicators, deadlines, and more. Throughout the strategy process, we will iterate our goals until we are certain that we are designing towards the most productive user engagement possible so that when you start welcoming new potential customers to your site, you have a significantly improved chance of a conversion. During this step, we will identify your target conversions and strategize effective user funnels.


Once we have identified target conversions, and since we have gathered significant information on your target audience during our analysis phase, we will be able to design seamless user journeys towards any number of target conversions including signing up for a mailing list, purchasing a product, requesting an initial meeting, and more. The key through this step is to make an intuitive design that provides visitors with a clear path towards their desired outcome so that you can maximize your conversions. 


The big day is here! On launch day, we will ensure that all of your back-end details are tied up like connecting email accounts, access to tools like chat widgets, and that you have all of the relevant login information for your admin platform. In addition, we will ensure that you know how to use the tools that we have installed, such as a CMS, so that you are empowered to continue to update your site and provide your users with what they need.

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