Raleigh Web Design

5 Reasons Why Your Raleigh Business Needs a Professionally Designed Website

  1. Your website is your first impression and sales pitch to millions of potential customers.
  2. Your website represents you and your business.
  3. An aesthetically pleasing website will encourage clients to stay for awhile.
  4. The most important parts of a website are behind the scenes (say it with me:  OP-TIM-IZ-A-TION)
  5. At On the Map, we take care of every detail in your website creation so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Initial Consultation

Our Step 1 in building the website of your dreams is getting to know YOU. This is where we learn everything about your particular niche and relevant locations and develop a game plan for moving forward. We then determine whether your current website is optimized for SEO and begin analyzing the competitors in your niche. When we know everything there is to know about you and your business we move on to the design phase.

Design Phase

Here’s where you’ll see the beginnings of your website! Our design team will show you a mockup of the final product. When you feel that your site reflects you and your business then we will get to work on bringing your website to life.

Development Phase

During the development phase all the aspects of your digital marketing come together in 5 simple (just kidding, actually super intricate) steps:

Quality Testing

This is our final step before going live!

  • You get a live test link so you can navigate through a full simulation of your finished product.
  • Ensure all Javascript is error free
  • Validate all HTML
  • Verify all images have correct licenses and all pages have proper SEO

Looking for a Web Design Company in Raleigh?

Look no further. Why? Here’s four good reasons:

  1. As a local company, On the Map understands Raleigh. So we understand what your clients are searching for.
  2. Our team of highly skilled visual architects will build you a website that reflects your vision.
  3. We work alongside you every step of the way. So no surprises!
  4. We have a proven track record for bringing our clients maximized ROI on their internet marketing investment.

Ultimately, On the Map works for you. The success of your business is the success of ours.

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