A midsize law firm occupies that sweet spot between large and small law firms. It is bigger than a small law firm and so is capable of handling a larger number of cases. However, they offer a more personalized experience than the large law firms that employ hundreds of attorneys. The website design for a midsize law firm should be about attracting new clients and establishing their brand in the minds of any potential clients.

Increasing the authority of the site should also be a goal for a mid-sized law firm, because that will help to put it ahead of the competition. Establishing a brand, attracting new business, and staying ahead of the competition should be the primary goals of a midsize law firm. A top-notch marketing and design company will not only design the type of website your firm needs. The company will also conduct the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will increase the ranking of your site on the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page). If your law firm hires the right people, then people will know that your law firm is the right one to hire.

Getting To Know You

This is where the marketing team starts, they get to know all the details of your firm, how many people are employed there, their overall experience level, any awards you may have earned, and a lot more. The marketing team should get to know your midsize law firm as well as you do.

However, it is not just about getting to know you, it’s about getting to know your competition and the region in which you practice as well. That thorough market research will help to give you an edge because knowing how the local market functions is the key to your prosperity. Closely analyzing your firm, your competitors, and the market will help the marketing team to optimize your website for success.

The Design Process

You will certainly want your site to be easy on the eyes, but the attractiveness of the website is not the most important factor. The most important factor is that your website gets you conversions, or in other words, new clients, because that is the best way to gauge the success of your site. The first step is to use all the data that was gathered and create several different design mockups for you to choose from. Depending on your preference, those mockups could either be based on a pre-existing template or they could be unique, custom designs.    

The first mockup is of your midsize law firm’s home page because that is the first thing any visitors will see. The design team will let you access and review the mockup and they will listen to your feedback and make any changes you want, as well as offer suggestions and advice on what works best for your site. Once the design has been finalized, it is onto the next stage of the process.

The Programming Phase

The mockup is just a pretty surface, in order to make it actually functional, it has to be coded and programmed so that it can be used. This is typically the longest phase of design because the programmers have to make sure that everything on the website functions correctly. They also have to make sure that all the pages load quickly since that is one of the factors that has a strong effect on user engagement.   

In addition to making sure that the website is fully functional, the programming team can also use responsive web design to make it even more versatile. Responsive web design is a way of designing websites so that they are legible on a variety of different devices, from smartphones to tablets to laptops. This is important in modern web design because people access the internet from a variety of different devices so your website should be easily readable across a range of different platforms.

Once programming is complete, the team will perform a sweep of the site to find any bugs, spelling errors, or other mistakes that may have been missed during this phase. Once all the errors have been fixed and the bugs have been squashed, the developers will create a test link for you to evaluate. This is a fully functioning version of your website that is launched on a private server. The test link is used so that you can get an idea of how the website will look and function before it is officially launched. That way you can see if it is up to your standards and make any changes that you see fit.

The Launch Phase

Before the site can be launched, you will need to select a domain and decide where you want the site to be hosted. Once you have made those decisions, your shiny new website is a go! Your site will now be live and anyone who is looking for the services you provide will be able to easily find it on the web.

Choose The Right People For The Job

When you are ready to present your law firm to the world, you need the right web design team to help you make a great first impression. That team will make sure that not only is your website attractive and personable, but that it functions perfectly and is highly accessible on all devices. Your midsize law firm will have a lot of competition from other law offices of all sizes, hire the right team and your website will be the envy of all your competitors and the darling of your region.

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