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Pricing For Law Firm Websites

A law firm’s website can make or break their business, so it is imperative that the website is the best that it can be. But the best costs money. How much money? That depends on many different factors, but regardless of those factors, you do not want to cut corners on your law firm web design. Your website is how people find you and decide if they want to retain your services because the days of lawyers putting their face on a bus stop bench and expecting results are long gone.

These days, people use the internet to search for everything, so your website needs to be able to attract visitors, keep their attention, and convert them into clients. Only the best law firm websites can do all of those things and On The Map Marketing designs the best law firm websites. Our clientele includes law firms of all sizes, small, large, and in between. We offer reasonable, affordable web design services that will make your law firm stand out from the rest.

Why Do I Need a Professional To Design My Website?

It is unlikely that you studied web design and coding during law school, so you need to hire people with that knowledge to make sure that your site looks good and runs well on all devices. You need to hire professionals. You may have heard of website hosting services that allow you to create and design your own website, services like Wix or GoDaddy.

You can create your own website but, without a professional background, the site you create will not look as good as one designed by professionals. Furthermore, if you have a successful practice, then you may not have the time for a DIY website. A professional design is far more likely to attract visitors and create leads. Creating your own website can save you money, but a professional website will make you money.

What Are The Factors That Affect The Cost of a Website?

Size of the Law Firm

The website for a large law firm with more lawyers and more practice areas will cost more than the website of a smaller law firm with fewer attorneys. The reason is that more practice areas need more pages to highlight them, and the greater number of pages a website has, the more it will cost to develop that website. The designers and the developers need the extra time to design and build those pages, and as every lawyer knows, time is money.

Template or Custom Design

A template design is one where the basic layout and formatting have already been built, which can then be adjusted to fit the needs of different companies. A template is a good choice for new law firms, small law firms, or any firm with a lower budget. Since a lot of the design is already complete, there is less work to be done by the designers and developers. Websites that are based on a template may share a basic design but they do not necessarily look similar to each other because elements like pictures, colors, font designs and more, ensure that each template-based website looks unique.

If you want a completely bespoke website, then you want a custom website. Custom websites are built from scratch and they cost more time and more money to produce. However, they can also have interesting design elements that are not found on templates, such as video and custom photography. If you can afford it, then a custom website is the best because it is tailored specifically for your firm and will offer visitors a unique experience that they cannot get anywhere else.

New Design or Redesign

In some cases a law firm may already have a website that needs improvement, in which case, redesigning it to look and function better, may be cheaper than designing a new website from the ground up. Aside from the cost savings, another advantage to this approach is that the domain name of an existing website carries more weight and authority with search engines than the domain name of a brand new site.

Content Creation

You want your website to have substance as well as style, which is where content creation comes in. Informative, well-written, up-to-date content increases visitor engagement and helps your website to rank higher. Writing that content yourself is unlikely since you will probably be too busy to do so. Creating engaging content adds to development costs but also leads to higher conversion chances.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services

SEO helps your website to rank higher on the results page of search engines like Google, which increases the chance that people will find your website. If you have a new website, or an underperforming one, then you should opt for SEO so that you will get more visitors and more leads.

What Are Your Prices?

You can visit our website pricing calculator page for a more granular breakdown, but the following is the general pricing scheme that we use.

A WordPress website is the best choice for lawyers and has a starting fee of $2500

The pricing for the number of pages in your website is as follows:

  • 1 to 25 – no extra cost
  • 25 to 50 – $100
  • 50 to 100 – $200
  • 100 to 300 – $300

Custom content is $150 per page

We offer services like website hosting, security certifications, live chat support, and much more for various reasonable rates. Visit the pricing calculator page for more details.

We charge an hourly rate for:

  • Custom Programming – $125/hour
  • Design Revisions – $200/per revision
  • Stock Photos – $50/per two photos

All told, you can expect prices of about $3000 for smaller websites and $7000 to $10,000+ for bigger websites with all the frills.

Get The Best Website For Your Law Firm

A law firm website comes down to the cost of the website vs its value; the cost is obvious, but the value comes down to how many clients it attracts. The way that a website will attract visitors is through a great design that is easy to navigate, fast loading, absorbing content, and judicious use of a call to action.

On The Map Marketing offers all of those services at the best rates in the industry, which is why our clients like 1-800-INJURED rank so highly. No matter what you pay for your law firm website design, you will find out that what you get is far more than what you put in.

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