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SEO Pricing

Essential SEO
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  • 30 Keywords
  • 10 Locations
  • Minimum of 30 Page 1 Ranking Guarantee
  • Phone Tracking
  • Google+ Business Page Creation/Optimization
  • Directories: Listing Submission to 15+ directories
  • + All The Standard Features
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Enterprise Package
local domination
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  • Ultra high Competition Keywords
  • 8000 Words Content Monthly
  • 5x High Authority Link Placements Monthly
  • Enhanced Phone & Tracking
  • VIP Project Manager
  • Directories: Listing Submission to 15+ directories
  • Site Structure Optimization
  • + All The Standard Features
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Local Domination Package
Local Domination
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  • High Competition Keywords
  • 4000 Words Content Monthly
  • 2-3x High Authority Link Placements Monthly
  • Enhanced Phone & Tracking
  • Directories: Listing Submission to 15+ directories
  • Conversion Optimization
  • + All The Standard Features
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11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About SEO Packages

While you are reading this webpage, Google is processing thousands of searches. In fact, Google processes roughly 67 thousand searches per second. These searches are being submitted by potential clients, customers, and business partners every day, and at On The Map Marketing (OTM), our goal is simple.

Our team of SEO specialists seek to ensure that your website appears in the highest position possible when a potential customer is searching Google for a business within your company’s area of expertise.

For the vast majority of our clients, gaining an understanding of what we are trying to accomplish is simple, but when we start to explain pricing options, the elements of SEO packages, or contracts, our clients naturally have questions that need to be answered.

At OTM, one of our core beliefs is that we value learning, practicing, and growing. In keeping with that belief, we’ve compiled a list of answers to 11 frequently asked SEO pricing questions. This information will allow you to:

  • Learn some of the key aspects of a calculated SEO campaign
  • Practice creating an outline of an SEO strategy that meets your needs
  • Gain some insights into how an SEO campaign can grow your business

FAQ for SEO Pricing

Creating a website that ranks effectively on the organic search engine results page (SERP) involves optimizing your website in many ways, such as creating new content, structuring your website so it’s easy for a user to navigate, conducting keyword and marketing research, etc. Due to these complex variables, purchasing one service at a time is not a cost effective option for every business. At OTM, we offer SEO packages that are structured to maximize your website’s organic SERP ranking by including all of the elements needed for a successful SEO campaign. Our local domination package is a perfect example of how SEO packages are designed to help your company climb the ranks by including services such as:

  • 8000 Words of Content per Month: Remember, one of the things Google ranks your website on is regularly updated quality content. By purchasing a premium package, you’re ensuring that your website will be filled with fresh professionally written content every month, and choosing this option will also benefit your customer base by providing them with newly updated content to interact with — which also helps your website from an SEO perspective by minimizing your bounce rate.
  • 5 High-Authority Link Placements per Month: Google analyzes the number of external sites that link to your website, and the quality of the websites that link to your website. These external links are known as backlinks, and they play a critical role in how Google judges the quality of your website, and thus, how your website ranks on the search engine results page. As such, the local domination package includes five backlinks from authoritative websites per month that will drive traffic to your website and help your website rank effectively.
  • 15 or More Listing Submissions to Directories: Listing submissions help direct traffic to your website and increase your company’s overall exposure. The key to utilizing directories as an SEO tool is ensuring that all of the information listed on each directory is accurate and up to date.
  • Website Optimization: Each website that Google rates favorably is optimized in a manner that allows Google to index the website properly and understand what the website is ultimately about. This optimization process includes creating proper headers, posting error free content, active URLs, and effective meta descriptions to name a few. Moreover, for a website to be optimized properly, it needs to be structured in a way that is easy for users to navigate.
  • Monthly Reporting and Social Signaling: As most business owners know, data drives business. You simply can’t tell if a tactic is working without seeing the numbers that reflect its progress. The same mentality is true with SEO campaigns, which is why each SEO package we offer at OTM includes monthly reporting of your website’s SEO performance and social media performance.

Each of the services offered in an SEO package are designed to help your company’s website rank better with search engines. Moreover, purchasing an SEO package offers several unique advantages that make it an overall better option for your business such as:

  • SEO packages are offered at different prices. So, you can pick a package that best fits you company’s budget.
  • Each SEO package includes different services or varying amounts of different services, which allows you to choose an SEO package that best fits your marketing strategy.
  • Whether you pay for your SEO package upfront or in monthly installments, you are paying a fixed price that keeps your marketing costs consistent.

At OTM, our marketing specialists are always encouraged to dream big, and our team exhibits that mentality with every client we interact with. This attitude allows us to envision what your company will look like after a successful SEO campaign. But we also understand that every business is different and has different marketing needs, which is why we offer month-to-month contracts.

This option allows our clients to obtain the services that they can afford, but more importantly, it allows us to create a long-term relationship with our customers that can grow over time. Remember, our goal is provide quality SEO services that allows your business to attract more customers or clients and as a result, increased profits. A month-to-month contract gives small business owners the flexibility they need while they are small and the ability to increase their marketing budget as they grow.

Both small business owners and corporate executives all struggle with the same common question: “How much should we spend on SEO services?” But the answer to this question is different in every situation. If SEO services are the only way you market your business, you will naturally spend more on SEO services than a company that utilizes a host of different marketing tools such as TV ads, billboards, etc. As a general rule, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has stated that companies with gross annual revenues of less than five million dollars should allocate seven to eight percent of their revenues to marketing.

However, the SBA also acknowledges that this recommendation could changed based on a number of different factors such as the industry your company operates within, the size of your company, and the ultimate growth rate your company is seeking to achieve. Due to this, every client that OTM works with is encouraged to sit down with a marketing specialist who can help you determine the appropriate amount you should be spending in order to accomplish your company’s SEO and online marketing goals.

There are guarantees that OTM makes in certain scenarios. For example, customers who purchase a starter SEO package with OTM are guaranteed to get at least 30 page one rankings. Because it’s almost impossible to guarantee a page-one ranking with highly-competitive keywords, however, this guarantee doesn’t apply to specific keywords and keyphrases. Every package that OTM offers includes monthly reporting, and these reports allow you to see the results of your SEO campaign on a monthly basis.

Although OTM does offer month-to-month contracts, we encourage our customers to enter into long-term contracts for a few reasons. First, SEO campaigns are highly involved and normally require our agency to utilize the services of many unique marketing specialists, including content writers, web designers, SEO specialists, and project managers. In certain instances, we may hire additional staff to ensure that all deliverables are of the highest quality and delivered promptly. Such an endeavor requires a commitment from our client, which gives us the ability to make a major SEO campaign possible.

The second reason we encourage our clients to enter into a long-term contract is that long-term contracts establish all of the conditions of the services OTM will provide and when they will be provided. Successful SEO campaigns are built through collaborative efforts between our marketing team and the clients we service. This process takes place over the course of several months, if not longer. As such, it is important for you, as a customer, to understand what services you will be receiving, when you will be receiving them, and how much these services will cost. Moreover, our team at OTM has found that a long-term contract allows our customers to understand what they can expect throughout the life of the contract.

No. As with any estimate, as the project evolves, there may be additional fees with regard to website development if you request add-on features, but we will always tell you in advance before charging additional fees for additional features or services. Moreover, if you’ve already purchased an OTM package, and we have delivered on all features of that package, our marketing specialists may offer you additional linked content, website content, etc. Those service are charged separately.

Refunds are handled on a case by case basis at OTM, and they are not dependant on rankings. As with most business ventures, every campaign is different, and any situation that might warrant a refund is unique. Contact one of our marketing specialists today to learn more about the refund policy at OTM.

Companies across the United States spent an estimated 65 billion dollars on SEO services in 2016, and they did so for a good reason. 51% of all website traffic came from organic search engine results that year, and often, this traffic results in increased business, revenues, and profits for the website owner. As such, there are a variety of factors that can affect the cost of SEO services. Some agencies merely set their rates based on their reputation as a marketing agency, while others might be impacted by the labor costs of the agency’s domicile state, office space expenses, or just simply a high demand for SEO services. At OTM, we have consistently been ranked as one of the best SEO companies in Florida, but we are also dedicated to offering our services at competitive prices that allow our customers to grow their business through professionally executed SEO campaigns.

Project based SEO services are charged on an hourly basis for most services, and the amount can vary depending on the type of services needed to complete your project. The project rate for each service offered at OTM is listed below:

  • Custom Content – $150 per page
  • Custom Programming – $125 per hour
  • Design Revisions – $200 per hour

Moreover, there are a few things you should keep in mind when it comes to project-based SEO services. The key to having a successful SEO project is determining the answers to these questions before our SEO specialists begin their work:

  • What goal are you seeking to accomplish through your SEO project?
  • What services are needed in order to accomplish your goal?
  • How long will take to accomplish your goal?

Remember, effective SEO projects take time, and in many cases, the goal you are hoping to achieve will not happen immediately. As such, you need to create an outline detailing each aspect of your project and contact one of our SEO specialists to discuss the best marketing strategy to achieve your goal. You may find that the end result you are trying to achieve requires more work than a one-time project. Our SEO specialists are happy discuss the various aspects of your project with you to determine how to best meet the SEO needs of your company.

Hourly SEO services are charged at a rate of $125 per hour. This hourly rate applies to services such as an SEO analysis of your website, keyword research, marketing research, and custom programming. This can be a good option for small businesses, solo practitioners, or startup companies.

After you sign your contract and submit your initial payment, our team of SEO specialists will immediately get to work. The first step is to get you established as a client, which is initiated by an email that explains what information we need from you to get started, such as access to your website for optimization purposes, syncing your Google Analytics account, or accessing your Google My Business account.

Your SEO specialist will explain how we will submit your deliverables to you for approval prior to posting anything to your site. Remember, each service that OTM provides will be approved by you before it is finalized. So, you will receive emails to review content, directory listings, proposed website changes, etc. Once you have approved of the deliverable, our team will finalize the content or other service being provided.

If you’ve purchased an SEO package, you’ll receive a report every month tracking your website’s SEO performance. Keep in mind, direct communication with the marketing specialist you are working with is important. You need to communicate and collaborate with your SEO specialist. If you don’t approve of a deliverable or if there is any type of a problem with the services being rendered, make certain that you communicate your concerns. The process of delivering, approving, and finalizing content or services will be repeated each month over the life of your contract.

Contact Our Representative Today

Your company’s SEO analysis begins when you contact your OTM representative. Contact us today to speak to an account rep for a free initial consultation.

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Making the decision to bring in an outside SEO firm can be a major decision to make, especially in terms of your existing marketing budget, and deciding if your plan is to either increase your spending or reallocate funds from other ongoing marketing efforts. At the end of the day, your return on investment is the most important factor to consider once you have decided how much you plan to spend. An effective marketing strategy can pay for itself, but beware of hiring cheap marketers who will engage in ineffective or banned SEO practices to produce quick results before taking your money and disappearing back into the internet.

The team at On The Map Marketing, Inc. has been driving reliable, consistent, and impressive SEO traffic to our clients’ websites for over a decade, and we have the portfolio to prove it. If you are looking to work with an experienced SEO firm who can manage every step of this complex, effective digital marketing strategy, then look no further. We will be happy to work with you to identify your marketing goals, your budgetary targets or constraints, and how we can help bring new, high-value traffic to your website using engaging content and useful information for your target audience.

To get a quote for your SEO needs, contact us now for an in-depth consultation where we can discuss things like your competition, your market size, and more. Read more below to get a better sense of some of the factors that go into determining SEO cost, and the work that goes into a comprehensive and successful SEO strategy.

What Does an SEO Package Include?

You may have noticed a variety of different terms and benefits included under our packages and could find yourself wondering what each of these terms actually means. We understand that it can be complicated to learn about all of the key terms and tools used in SEO, but it can be very helpful to have an idea of what we are doing, even if you do not want to be involved at every step of the process. 

Here, we have broken down each benefit to our packages:


Anyone who knows the smallest bit about SEO knows that keywords play a heavy role, but do you know what makes some keywords more valuable than others? Imagine that you make and sell kitchen knives, and would like to focus on SEO in order to drive more organic traffic to your site. What are some of the most obvious keywords? “Kitchen knives” is a good place to start. 

The issue with using “kitchen knives” as a target keyword, though, is that while this is the most direct keyword possible, it also means that it is the most commonly used keyword in your industry. In order to rank high for this general keyword, you will need to put in a lot of work, which means an aggressive amount of content each month. 

If you choose a Limited Local Domination or an Essential SEO package, we will focus our efforts on keywords with less competition, so that you can get more bang for your buck. Our Local Domination package will put a lot of focus on the highest competition keywords so that you can rank for the most obvious keywords in your industry.

Word Counts

An effective SEO strategy goes beyond writing a few blog posts a month. In order to rank, and maintain your ranking, you will need to have a consistent content output. Our Local Domination package includes 8,000 words of content, custom-created by our in-house content writers for your business and your industry, and focusing on your target keywords. In addition to having additional content to rank on high-competition word counts, Google, Bing, and the other search engines will reward you for a high output of content.

Authority Links

When Google and Bing look at a website to determine how it should rank on their results pages, one of the big factors that many people may overlook is the number of backlinks directing to their website. Essentially, a backlink is any link on a different website that directs back to your own. However, the quality of your backlinks is extremely important, as well. The links must come from reputable websites that also score high in quality rankings, and are seen as “industry leaders.”

In the early days of SEO, “black hat” SEO specialists would build massive indexes of backlinks in order to trick search engines into thinking that there were thousands of sites pointing back to their clients. These tactics may still produce short-lived results but are then quickly penalized. Beware of the type of SEO specialist you hire to avoid falling prey to black hat practices.

We will reach out to other leaders in your industry and place guest post articles and blogs on their site, in exchange for valuable backlinks pointing to your services. This has a high potential for a win-win situation, but many people ignore this area of SEO because of the additional outreach and relationship building it requires. We are here to do it for you.

Project Manager

When you choose our Local Domination package, you will have a VIP project manager assigned to your work who will be available to help you through any of your questions, issues, or requests. Knowing that there is someone who is always there for you is a great way to know you are getting value for your money. In combination with the extensive data analysis and tracking dashboard that you will have access to in order to monitor your SEO results, your project manager will be able to help you understand every metric, each decision that has gone into your campaign, and more.

Listing Submissions to Directories 

Online directories are a great way to increase your backlink numbers while showing the search engines that you are engaging in a multi-faceted SEO and digital marketing campaign. While oftentimes your target audience will not be browsing these directories in order to find your services, this is another way to improve your company’s web presence so that you continue to expand your online reach.

On The Map uses a series of high-quality, vetted URL directories to improve your search engine results page rankings by supplementing our already-robust backlink strategy with additional online sources pointing back to your site.

Site Structure Optimization

SEO page rankings go beyond the content of your website and take into consideration the actual functionality and usefulness of your website itself, such as the site structure, user flows, and more. Google uses a series of factors to determine your quality score, which includes things like your bounce rate, load times, and more. There is no single indicator for Google or Bing to look at when determining whether or not to send their users to your site, so they must take a wide range of cues in order to make a judgment. 

Before we begin executing your SEO strategy, we will make sure that your website can both handle the increased traffic, and meet the rigorous quality standards of the major search engines. With over a decade of experience in the SEO industry, we know what we are looking for, and we know how to make the necessary improvements to get you the outcomes that you expect and deserve.

Site SEO Analysis

There is no doubt that your website already has some inherent SEO value, and we will be able to analyze the existing SEO values as we complete our site analysis and optimizations. Unless you want to completely redo your website from scratch, we will go through and identify everything on your site that is valuable to our goals, what needs to be edited, and what should be replaced outright.

In addition to the content, we will go through all of your pages and analyze your site tags, which are additional ways that the search engines can gain a sense of what your website is about. These tags to on your headers, footers, images, as well as your title tags and meta descriptions on each page that tell both a searcher and the search engine what they can expect to find when they click through this link.

Choosing the Right SEO Campaign For Your Needs

For the uninitiated, even figuring out what the first step of an effective SEO campaign can be overwhelming. We understand the confusion with all of the different approaches, options, and strategies, all of which have nothing to do with deciding what your target outcomes should be! 

During our initial conversations with clients and potential clients, we spend a lot of time discussing previous SEO efforts you may have undertaken, the results that you are looking for, and the specifics about your business model that can help us understand the best ways to help you get the traffic that you expect. If you have multiple business locations then we will need to explore the different markets to focus on, which to prioritize if we choose not to go after all markets equally, and more. 

While there are many different factors to consider before choosing one of our packages, rest assured that while our packages have set services, they are not a “one size fits all” approach to your clients’ business needs. We pride ourselves on taking a unique and specific approach to each client and their business goals in order to create high-quality content, lasting results, and web traffic that converts in order to generate a great ROI. When you are working with On The Map for your SEO needs, you can be certain that your money is going to come back to you in the form of new traffic, quality content, and a significantly improved web presence.

What Goes Into the Cost of an On The Map Marketing, Inc SEO Package?

As you can see by our tiered pricing, there are different benefits to each package. However, what you get across packages is consistent results from a reputable and proven SEO firm that is dedicated to providing you with excellent services. We price our packages competitively, and as one of the best Florida SEO companies, we are proud to provide our clients with great value for each package.

Expert Analysis

Our analysts know what it takes to identify a successful SEO strategy, regardless of industry, competition, or past attempts. The key to any successful digital marketing campaign is data analysis and an ability to translate that into real-world, actionable plans, and over the past decade as one of the leading SEO companies in Florida, we have gotten this process down to a science. 

Professional Content Writing

All of our content writers are in-house, meaning that you won’t need to worry about posting outsourced content on your site. You should be proud of your website, and happy to share it with the world, which is why it is so important to us at On The Map Marketing, Inc. that everyone is all part of the same team. Whereas many other SEO and content services use third-party sites like Upwork in order to get their content written, you will only get content produced by our staff writers when you are a client of OTM.

Custom Analytics Dashboards

Sure, we could have the best analysts in the world, but it wouldn’t mean much if you couldn’t understand what you were looking at. That’s why we provide all of our clients with custom analytics dashboards that highlight the metrics that are most important to them, and that indicates how successful our work is going. It can be easy to rely on “vanity metrics” in order to feel like your digital marketing is successful, but we focus on hard, measurable data that proves you are getting the return on your investment that you rightfully expect.

Ongoing Backlink Outreach

We don’t just post a few articles on another website and call it a day; instead, we manage ongoing relationships with industry leaders so that we can continuously improve your search engine page rankings with strong backlinks and a good working relationship with other authorities in your world. We take this on so that you can focus on running your business and providing your clients with the high-quality products and services that they come to you for.