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Our custom php web development services at On The Map Marketing go the extra mile to get to know our clients and their requirements, and we offer solutions to create robust PHP websites. Whether you’re a small business with big goals and the need for flexibility for expected growth in the future, or a large company that has outgrown their old site, we can design a custom website that your users enjoy returning to again and again.

Custom Services

Part of what we do is improve workflow. As your business grows, your website will need to expand to keep up with your business. Therefore, you will need business solutions that allow you to deliver the same quality experience with your site despite the increased volume of traffic and functionality of the site. 

Intuitive Design

We know how to make websites that are easy for your customers and clients to use. People like when the buttons, menus, and other functions are in places that make sense, and when developers design with a customer’s anticipation and purpose in mind. This comes down to knowing exactly who your clients are. At On The Map Marketing, we start by asking you questions to find out how to serve you best. By knowing more about your target audience and their background, we can develop a website that they regularly return to.

Data Security

Data breaches can leave thousands of people with their credit cards, email addresses, home addresses, usernames and passwords and other private information exposed. However, there are many ways you can customize a website for maximum security. You can restrict access to users who have login credentials, and restrict access to unauthorized users. Well-written code also leads to a more protected website. At On The Map Marketing, we provide quality services so you can rest assured that your site is well-guarded. We know about common vulnerabilities with PHP and how to avoid them with other solutions.

Mobile App and Web Development

Most people these days are accessing their favorite websites and online stores through mobile devices. This may seem contradictory at first since PHP is about website development rather than mobile app development. On the back-end, however, PHP can be used to develop mobile apps that are similar to the website. This consistency allows for ease and accessibility.  


With PHP custom websites, you can scale your website up as your business grows. It is so easy to integrate newer features into your site, add functionalities to your store, and even add sections to increase social media participation among your clients.

Social Media

If you’ve decided to cultivate and moderate online communities where you facilitate connection between customers all over the globe, then integrating social media into your custom website is easy and effective. More brands are finding this popular, and a great way to build communities of loyal customers. 

PHP Custom Web Development Services

There are a variety of platforms and packages that we can offer and explain to you, and determine which is best for your company and customers. Some of our services include:

  • Web portal development
  • PHP eCommerce development
  • App/Extension/PlugIn integration
  • Website optimization
  • Maintenance and updating
  • Data management 
  • Social networking 

Our Experienced Team

Great communication, quality, and technically savvy all accurately describe the team here at On The Map Marketing. Your company has goals, and you want to be assured of the status of your project every important step of the way. We create a customizable platform that is exceptionally easy to use. Reach out and discuss with us your vision for your website, company, and user experience. We have been in this industry for over 10 years, and have a successful portfolio showcasing our technologically innovative work. 

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