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Minimal web design is an eye-catching way to engage new users, and keep people on your site and excited. As you browse the internet throughout the day, you may or may not consciously notice that most websites have a very similar layout and aesthetic, more or less. While this intentional, and regarded as a best practice for a variety of reasons, there are a few ways that you can make your website truly stand out without sending new visitors bouncing back to the search engine results pages. One of these is by choosing a minimalist design that focuses on helping your users identify their goal and navigating towards it without many additional bells and whistles. 

Visualizing and implementing minimalistic web design can be a challenge, especially with the nearly-continuous siren song of adding more and more elements to a website during the design process. Fortunately for you, the team at On The Map, Inc. has over a decade of experience with minimalist web design, and we truly understand the truth behind the saying that “less is more.” 

Contact On The Map Today To Discuss Your Minimalist Web Design Goals

If you are looking for a unique, memorable, and functional way to reach new users and re-engage existing clients or customers, contact our team as soon as possible so that we can discuss your vision. For over a decade, we have been focusing on driving useful and valuable traffic to our clients’ sites through search engine optimization campaigns, web design projects, and more, and we will be happy to bring all of our learnings and experience to your project as soon as possible.

Sometimes it can feel like your traffic has slowed, and your site conversions have stalled; in many instances, the solution may be a facelift to an existing site or a full redesign, paired with an aggressive SEO campaign to kickstart your traffic and bring users back to your page. You are a professional in your industry, and your target audience will benefit from being able to find you. The problem isn’t you, it’s that you simply haven’t nailed down an effective strategy of reaching them – luckily, On The Map is here to help.

Read more about minimalist web design principles, and contact us as soon as possible to discuss your own minimalist web design project.

What Is Minimalist Web Design?

Simply put, minimalist web design is a design principle that focuses on “trimming” the excess from your site and prioritizes white space, de-cluttered pages, and a simplified user journey bringing your visitor from your home page to their final conversion without feeling distracted or assaulted by distractions. A minimalist website will opt for fewer, if any, images on the site, a limited color pallet, few (if any) animations or dynamic elements, and a clean and sparse aesthetic. However, this does not mean that your users will not be able to find the information that they need. 

Even with a minimalist design, there are plenty of ways that your users can get the information and support that they need, and feel empowered to interact with your business as they see fit. We will still be able to implement a strong content strategy and SEO campaign in order to improve your search rankings, but the key to pairing effective and abundant content with minimalist web design all comes down to a highly-organized site hierarchy.

The Benefits of Minimalist Web Design

As mentioned above, a minimalist site can cut through the noise and help your users simply and quickly identify their goals on your page. However, it is important that your site is not too minimal, meaning that they are unable to follow a logical pathway from their first click into your site until their final interaction with your site, or their conversion. Taking away too much may mean that your visitor needs to guess on how to jump from Step B to Step D instead of following the funnel step by step, which means that the design has failed.

When you are implementing a minimalist website, you still need to focus on your user journeys as intensely as with a maximalist website full of all of the bells and whistles. However, instead of looking for additional features to add to the user journey, our work will consist of pairing that journey down to the absolute minimum without removing any key components. Users may find this experience to be pleasant, like a refuge from the constant content bombardment that we all experience on the internet on a daily basis. A minimalist design sends a clear signal about your company, your mood, and may suggest that working with your site can be as seamless and simple as your site design.

In addition to the “mood” that a minimalist site design sets, it can also improve technical aspects of your site such as your load time, an important aspect that plays a significant role in site rankings on the search engine results pages. While it can be easy to fall prey to add-ons like chat widgets, intro videos, beautiful interactive menus, and more, each of these additional elements will significantly impact the time it takes to load your page on the first visit. The difference of a few seconds can make or break your first impression, and since so many sites are optimized for load time, it may make more sense for a user to bounce back to the SERP and try the next site instead of waiting for your page. 

How Can I Run an SEO Campaign With a Minimalist Website?

When you think minimal, you may be thinking that there is little to no content on your site, but that could not be further from the truth. In fact, a minimalist website can pair wonderfully with an aggressive content campaign, provided that the site hierarchy and navigation tree is organized in a way that allows users to keep to the simplified site until they decide that they would like to engage with your full content. This could mean that we only expose the header and the first line or two of an article on your site, user minimalist CTAs to let a user know that there is additional information elsewhere or a range of other tools that can keep a minimal appearance while providing exceptional and abundant information to your users – when they are ready to use it.

Contact On The Map as soon as possible so that we can discuss your needs and your vision for a minimalist site design, and start working on your sleek new website as soon as possible. If you have been waiting to design a website, the time is now.

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