PPC Management Agency

In addition to being one of the premiere SEO marketing firms in the U.S., On the Map Marketing, Inc. is also a top-tier provider of pay-per-click (PPC) management services. Whether you are interested exclusively in a short-term or long-range PPC campaign or you want to use PPC to augment your already successful SEO marketing strategy, On the Map Marketing can walk you through the initial process, analyze your campaign, and manage it for you.

What is Pay Per Click or PPC?

If you search Google for a product or service, you may notice that the first few entries on the search engine results page (SERP) are paid ads. How can you tell? Below the title tag, which is at the top of each item, you’ll see a box with the word “Ad” in it. That means that the site has chosen to use PPC to market their business. Because they’ve paid for the ranking, Google shows you those sites first.

How Does Pay-Per-Click Marketing Work?

With a pay-per-click marketing campaign, you select the budget that you want to spend and the keyword search phrases that you want to rank for. Google establishes its price for a keyword search phrase based on the amount of monthly traffic that phrase gets. Popular phrases are more expensive than less-popular ones. Whenever someone in your area searches for a phrase that’s part of your PPC campaign, Google places your site in the ad section of the SERP, at the top of the page. When a user/potential client clicks your site from the paid ads, the amount gets deducted from your account. The term “pay per click” means that you pay for each click you receive.

What is the Cost of a Pay-Per-Click Campaign?

With a pay-per-click marketing campaign, you set your budget. As long as there’s money remaining in your budget, Google will keep you somewhere near the top of SERPs for the keyword phrases that you’ve selected. It’s important, however, to fund your budget with enough money to cover the cost of the keyword phrases that you’re trying to rank for. For example, if the cost per click (CPC) for the phrase “affordable ppc management” is $40, it would only take a few clicks to exhaust a small budget of $200. On the other hand, you don’t want to overfund a budget and have your advertising money sitting idly for an unpopular keyword phrase. It’s in your best interest to discuss your pay-per-click campaign ideas before investing your time and effort in a campaign.   

Advantages of Pay Per Click

There are several features of a Google PPC campaign that are appealing to small, medium, and large businesses:

  • Your business sets and controls its own budget
  • Your site will appear at the top of Google searches for specific keyword phrases
  • A PPC campaign can work in conjunction with your existing SEO campaign
  • A PPC campaign can pump-prime traffic to your website until it’s performing well on its own
  • Your business can increase traffic to a page on your site for a specific event or rollout

How Can Pay Per Click Compliment an SEO Campaign

On the Map Marketing is one of the top SEO and PPC marketing firms in the country. Part of what makes our campaigns successful is our innovation and flexibility. We react to what we’re seeing during a campaign. This is apparent when it comes to intermingling SEO and PPC. For instance, SEO may be working well with certain keyword phrases, but occasionally, a client’s page will underperform for a particularly difficult keyword. A limited PPC campaign may give that page a boost until the page catches up in organic search results.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

As one of Florida’s leading internet marketing firms, we are committed to creating aggressive internet marketing campaigns that increases the visibility of our clients and converts visitors to paying clients. Pay per click is one of the tools that we employ to achieve this aim. If you are looking to increase your revenues and client base through a PPC campaign, contact us to talk to one of our PPC marketing specialist today.