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Trying to find a professional web design company to handle all of your web design needs can be complicated, especially when there are so many different companies, freelancers, and independent web design contractors available today. Choosing the right professional web design company for the job can feel overwhelming, and oftentimes you may realize halfway through a project that things are not going as smoothly as you had expected, or that you now realize why the services were so much less expensive than the other quotes you had gotten. There are some steps that you can take in order to find the right company, though, including asking for past work examples, performance metrics from previous projects, and more.

The team at On The Map, Inc. has been in the web design industry for over a decade, and many of our teammates have much more experience on their own. We are confident that after our first call and our quote, that you can be confident in the work you will be getting from our web design company. We are happy to work within a range of budgets, meet a variety of needs, and ultimately custom-tailor a website to suit your business, your target audience, and to help your customers reach the outcomes that they want when visiting your site – all with a focus on modern tools and up-to-date web requirements for things like responsive design, accessibility, and more.

Contact On The Map, Inc. Now To Discuss Your Web Design Needs

We are happy to discuss your budgetary constraints, your vision, as well as the different goals that you hope to achieve by either revamping your existing website or launching a new site entirely. We understand that this can be an intimidating project to commit to, which is why we love to use our first calls to talk about your reservations and concerns and go through each of them to explain how working with a professional web design company like On The Map, Inc can alleviate those stressors and get you a website that you are truly proud to share with the world.

Read more below about some of the key aspects of our design process to get you the site that both you and your clients expect and deserve, and contact us as soon as possible to discuss the possibility of working together today.

Our Web Design Process

The following process is the general course of action that our teams at On The Map, Inc. take while working with every web design client, although, of course, the specifics will vary depending on your project, needs, and unique business. We follow these steps in order to ensure that no details are overlooked and that every seemingly-minor consideration is fully fleshed out before we ship a product. By looking at any of our past work during our first conversations, you will be able to clearly see the benefits of our process – both visually and based on the performance metrics that we are happy to share with you.


Our first step with any new project is to analyze the performance of your existing site, including all other channels that you utilize such as social media, search engine business pages, and more. By performing an initial analysis, we will be able to identify any clear pain points or dropoffs in your user journeys that we can give additional focus to when working on our redesign. 

In many cases, significant dropoffs at a specific step of a user journey can result from an unclear CTA, confusing navigation feature, or unclear messaging, but there are additional issues that could be much more subtle. We will work to reveal these issues and present you with our findings so that you have context as we start working on your new design and highlight these areas that need improvement. 

In addition to identifying areas that could use some help, we will also identify and analyze aspects of your site that are extremely successful, and that we should carry forward into our new designs. Great design has aesthetic appeal, but behind every great design is a strong analysis that highlighted all of the areas that could be improved on and should be carried forth into updates.


Looking inward at your past performance is extremely valuable, but taking a look at your competitors and other industry leaders can provide us with a lot of insight about your upcoming design, as well. If we notice that there are consistent best practices that other high-performers in your industry use that are currently missing from your own design, then there is a good indication that we will want to at least consider these practices for your site.

Finally, we will research your current users and your target audience to understand how they want to interact with your business online. During our research, we may find surprising insights that can help us reach your audience in a way that we may not have considered from the start, and that will inform significant portions of our design AND our content strategy throughout our build. When you custom-tailor a site to your audience’s needs, they take note. Meeting them where they are is one of the best ways to improve your conversions and drive new, meaningful traffic to your site.


During the programming phase, our developers will build the back-end of your site to provide your visitors with the right tools for their journey, as well as to provide you with insights on the performance that will help to inform future iterations and tweaks in order to maximize your conversion metrics, generate new and loyal customers, and continue to improve your rankings with the major search engines. 

Good programming goes a long way with a new website, both on the front-end and the back-end. Things like load times, easy to use tools, and a simple user interface may not be consciously noticeable by your visitors, but they will notice if these benefits are not present. On the backend, you will be able to have a simple way of updating your content with a CMS (Content Management System), and more. Sometimes working with an amateur designer or “cheap” alternative can mean that you end up with unconventional coding that can be difficult to do anything down the road.


At the same time that our programmers are working on the code for your site, our designers will be working on wireframes to present you with the visual elements of your website that your customers and target audience will interact with. Here is where we will be able to design for things like the various customer journeys, including key elements like your navigation and structure, aesthetic design, and more. 

This step is where your say will be extra important, and we will review our ongoing design work with you in order to ensure that your visitors are getting the experience that you expect. The design of your website can set the tone, portray your business’ mood, and give your visitors a good visual idea of what it is like to work with your company. 

Final Iteration

Based on your feedback from the design rounds, we will iterate our wireframes until we have a site that you are excited to share. With all of the blocks in place, we will go back through and add things like your site copy, visual elements, images, and more. This is the step where it truly feels that your website is coming together, and all of our hard work and collaboration feels like it is finally starting to pay off.

Inexperienced web designers can get excited about getting to this step, and tend to skip important steps like research and solid back-end design, instead of going straight for the visual payoff. Remember, though, that the most beautiful website in the world does not mean anything for your website if it doesn’t convert, which is why we take the painstaking steps to make sure that we understand your audience and their needs, provide a great user experience, and ultimately drive the traffic and business to your website that you expect and deserve.

Content Creation

With all of the programming and visual elements in place, the next step is to fill your site with valuable and useful information for your audience. There are a few benefits to strong content, with the most important being that your audience will visit your site expecting that they will be able to benefit from your unique understanding and experience in your industry. However, the secondary benefit to strong content comes from something known as Seach Engine Optimization (SEO). 

SEO is a digital marketing strategy that can be intimidating or confusing for the uninitiated and can seem like simply plugging in relevant keywords into existing content. However, that could not be further from the truth. Search engine optimization requires generating highly-engaging content that employs specific, targeted keywords in order to indicate to the major search engines like Bing and Google that visitors to your page will find the information that they need. On The Map, Inc. has an in-house team of content writers who focus exclusively on writing high-performing SEO content, and we will be happy to provide you with this useful and beneficial service.


When the time comes to “flip the switch,” there are a lot of administrative and technical details that will need to be completed, including things like finalizing your domain and hosting information and handing off those credentials, connecting things like email addresses and social media accounts, and more. As a client of our professional web design company, launch day will not be spent running around trying to connect all of these dots.

Launch day for an On The Map client looks like this: your point of contact at our company will inform you that your site is live, and you will get your admin credentials so that you can take full control over your new website. No admin work, no frustrating details – we have all of those steps covered for you. On launch day, we suggest that you send a message out to your existing email list letting all of your existing clients and subscribers know about your new site, and encourage them to take a look for themselves! This is a great way to re-engage with previous clients and generate a bit of a buzz about your site now that it has a great new look.

Why Work With a Professional Web Design Company?

Choosing the right web design company requires a lot of different considerations, but working with a professional web design company can alleviate a lot of the stressors that come with working with independent designers or freelancers, especially those offering cheap services on platforms like UpWork or Fiverr. While there is certainly nothing wrong with many of the designers who find work on these platforms, you may end up working with a contractor who acts as a “hub” between many other freelancers that work for them. When this is the case, there is a lack of accountability that you can enjoy when working with an all-inclusive professional web design company like On The Map. 

Many independent designers will outsource work, like hire an inexpensive programmer in India, or a team of content writers for a fraction of what they invoice you for. Then, if the work comes back incomplete or not up to your standards, those third-party contractors tend to disappear into the internet. When you are working with On The Map, you can be certain that every piece of work done for your site is done by our team of trusted designers, programmers, writers, and analysts, and that we stand by every piece of work done for you from the day we agree on our project to the day we hand you back your admin credentials.

Isn’t it Expensive To Work With a Professional Web Design Company?

Working with a professional web design company can be more expensive, especially if you are working to build an enterprise-level website with a significant amount of extra work. However, working with such a company means that you have upfront pricing, clear pricing structures, and long-term accountability for the work, all of which goes a long way when it comes to undertaking such a major project.

Even if you are looking to launch a simple website in order to encourage visitors to contact you directly for further information or sign up to your mailing list, we are happy to explore a range of design options that suit your needs and budgets, and you will still get the accountability that you expect and deserve from a professional web design company. We look forward to helping you launch the website that you are visualizing, and will be able to get a much better sense of how we can best work together during our first conversation. Contact us now!

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