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If you are in the market for designing a new website, then it is very likely that you have heard of the term responsive web design, but do you know what it truly entails? When you are designing a new website, it is important that you consider this factor when discussing quotes with web design firms, and that you are certain you will be able to take advantage of this essential design function. Responsive web design may seem like an “extra” if you aren’t sure of what the benefit is, but your traffic will suffer and your visitors may even find other sites to frequent if they are unable to use your site the way that they expect.

On The Map, Inc. is a full-service web design firm that can help you build a new website that includes responsive web design—among many other functions and features that will help drive meaningful traffic to your site—as a standard option for our services. Read more about what responsive web design is and why it is so important in 2020, and contact us as soon as possible to discuss your needs and your vision with our team to learn about how On The Map can help you launch a website that you are truly proud to share with the world.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is an approach to web design that considers the many different devices, screen sizes, and device orientations that people use to access the internet, and uses an alternate version of your website to allow seamless and comprehensive access to your site that scales according to the screen it is being visited on. You have likely noticed that when you use your mobile web browser on your smartphone that there are limited options, fewer images, and less-prominent content blocks that allow you to navigate the site to reach the outcome that you need.

When using responsive web design, you are leveraging existing technology to allow your site to make the adjustments for you, as opposed to needing to create a different website for every screen ratio, device, and orientations of each of those devices. With responsive web design, the work happens seamlessly and your visitor will barely notice that there were a series of decisions happening in the background when they first clicked into your site.

How To Effectively Implement Responsive Web Design

For your site to have an effective responsive design, certain decisions need to be made about the type of content, calls to action, and images that you choose to display to a mobile user. By sacrificing these space-hogging elements, you will be able to present your visitor with larger text, easier navigation, and a clear user funnel to help them reach their final destination or action on your site, whether that is to sign up for a mailing list, purchase a product, request more information, or book your service. 

The following are some keys to responsive web design that we will work with you on in order to ensure that your customers and visitors get what they need from your site, and keep coming back for more.


Your content is an essential part of your site on both desktop and mobile, but the way that we present this content will vary depending on the device that is used to browse your site. However, this is best implemented when your content is developed in tandem with your new site so that our designers are able to predict the type of content and the amount of content that will be integrated. Fortunately for our responsive web design clients, On The Map has an in-house team of content writers who specialize in SEO-focused research and content in order to provide high-value information to your visitors while helping you boost your search engine rankings.


It can be difficult to accept the fact that you will need to reduce functionality on your site in order to accommodate a mobile user, but it is absolutely essential that you do. When you visit a desktop version of a website on a mobile device, you will quickly notice that the additional options, small URLs, and the full menu can be difficult to interact with, and even though you likely have an intuitive understanding of where you need to get on the site, it is hard to do with your thumbs.


As mentioned under the functionality section, your menu layout will be essential to providing your mobile users with a simple and easy experience on your site. Instead of having a full 10+ inch screen worth of space to provide navigation queues, you will need to condense your navigation bar into a high visibility, large font menu that your users can simply click into, identify the main section that they wish to visit, and move forward with their journey. Trying to implement fancy or counter-intuitive menu designs into a mobile web site is one way to send users bouncing back to the search engine results pages, so it is important that this design element is executed with care.

Calls to Action

Your calls to action are essential to help your visitors along their journey, and ultimately transact on your site or reach your other desired conversion actions such as registering an account, requesting additional information, signing up to your mailing list, or purchasing a product, to name a few of the many possible conversions that we would be targeting and measuring for your site. Calls to action must be prominent on your responsive web design site, but they must not overtake the entire screen or impede your visitors’ ability to navigate and scroll. 

Contact On The Map Now To Discuss Your Responsive Web Design Needs

Our team has been working with responsive web design since the advent of the smartphone and has met the growing prominence of mobile browsing with an increased focus on excellent responsive web design principles. Whether you are looking to simply add a responsive design option to an existing site, or if you would like to build a new site from the ground up and ensure that your mobile users are able to get the best experience possible, we are happy to help.

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