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When you are in the market for a new website, you may not immediately be thinking about the importance of the content that you will add to your site before it is launched. In fact, many people hear the term “search engine optimization” or SEO and simply think that it means adding additional keywords to their content, but while this is certainly a simplified idea of what SEO is, it will not be an effective use of your time, nor will it produce the results that you deserve. SEO, either when paired with new web design or by simply launching a new SEO campaign, requires in-depth research and dedicated output in order to produce results.

If you are interested in either updating an existing website or building a new website from scratch, then look no further than the team at On The Map, Inc for all of your web design needs. In addition to the design aspects of your site, we will be happy to discuss the importance of a strong SEO strategy, and with our 10+ years in the SEO industry, we can help you devise a strategy, create compelling and engaging content for you, and build a website with you that is ready to climb the search engine results pages from the day it is launched.

Contact On The Map, Inc to Get a Quote for Web Design and SEO Services

Read more below about the importance of thinking about SEO and web design at the same time, and contact On The Map as soon as possible to speak with our team. We will be happy to go over all of your needs and explain to you how we can provide you with top-tier SEO and web design services that can help you bring your web traffic to the next level. 

When you are working with On The Map to get your new website launched and a strong SEO strategy bringing new and valuable business to your site, you will be confident that you are partnered with industry leaders who have what it takes to keep your site prominent on the search engine results and ahead of your competition. Read more below to learn about the importance of web design, and how search engine optimization goes hand in hand with the visual elements of a new site.

The Importance of Updated Web Design

If you find that your website performance is lacking, there are a lot of issues to consider and the process of identifying them can be overwhelming. The team at On The Map, Inc. uses a series of analysis tools in order to identify potential areas of improvement on your site, ranging from your site ranking on the major search engines like Google and Bing, and a variety of internal tools to check your website’s performance, your visitors’ journeys, and any obvious pain points or dropoffs in their funnels in order to find our primary areas of focus. In many cases, we find that the issue is stemming from an outdated website and stale content, and the solution is to do a full reboot. In other instances, we may identify some key issues relating to things like the user flow or the content strategy, but otherwise, the website may require a redesign. With either of these needs, we are happy to serve you and help you refresh your content and reach new customers.

Outdated Websites Increase Bounce Rates

There is never a distinct moment when a website crosses a line from “updated” to “outdated,” but over the course of a few years, it can become apparent that a site is no longer adhering to current web standards. Whether a visitor consciously recognizes that a site is outdated or if it is more of a subconscious realization, they will be more inclined to back out of your site and return to the search engine results pages to click into the next result down in hopes that it appears to be more updated. This is known as a “bounce rate,” and it is one of the many metrics that the search engines use to rank websites and determine which pages to serve to their customers.

One of the issues is that when someone looks at a site that appears to be outdated is that they subconsciously assume that working with your company will be equally archaic, and therefore could be frustrating. When a website looks new, there is no guarantee that the company behind the site will provide a seamless experience throughout the entire process, but it does send a signal that the company cares about their appearance and puts thought into their customers’ experiences while working with their business. Think of an outdated website as the equivalent of having an office that stores all client information on paper and uses a Rolodex to organize contact information: the business could be great, the service could be phenomenal, but you will almost certainly do a doubletake. 

User Experience and Interface are of Central Importance

When you look into new web design, you will likely see the terms “UX” and “UI” thrown around quite often. These two terms stands for “user experience” and “user interface,” and the two are essential to providing a visitor with the type of seamless experience that they have come to expect on the internet. User interface refers to the actual elements that your user will interact with, including things like your font choices, images, and color pallet. User experience goes deeper than aesthetics and refers to a designed experience that your visitor has starting with the moment that they click into your website.

User experience design has improved significantly over the past decade, and the team at On The Map has been along for the process every step of the way. When visitors enter a website, they are looking for what essentially amounts to the “path of least resistance” between their first click and their final action while trying to interact with your site. We call these final actions “conversions” on our end, and our UX design takes a strong focus on maximizing your conversions.

Redesigning Conversion Funnels and User Journeys

You may not realize when you go to a website, but there are a series of options that you can choose from that will each send you on a different “funnel.” For instance, if you visit a website known for their world-class coffee makers, then you will be met with a few options on the home page: learn about the coffee makers, purchase a coffee maker from the site, find where to buy them in a store, learn about the company, sign up for a mailing list, and possibly even sign up for a wholesale account so that you can sell the coffee makers in your own store. Of course, the specific options will vary, but this is just one example. 

Each of these options has its own “journey” that a design team likely arrived at through performance monitoring, A/B testing, and more. Your site will require similar consideration when it comes to identifying the unique actions that you would like a visitor to take on your site for you to consider their visit successful, and we will work to design each funnel to help a visitor move through this journey as easily and quickly as possible. 

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings With Improved Performance Metrics

As each of these specific elements is improved by careful consideration and design, the major search engines will take note of these improvements with their crawlers, and as visitors begin to remain on your site longer. When users stay longer on a site, and when the crawlers notice a more-navigable site design, they will increase the ranking of your site compared to the other sites in your industry. While design and user journeys are only part of the fight for increasing your rankings, they are extremely important and will help to make a dent in struggling conversions and a weak web presence. 

In addition to a great looking, simple to navigate site, there is another key element to an updated site that can help tie everything together for you: your content.

The Importance of Content With a New Site Design

It does not matter if you have the best-looking website on the internet – if a visitor comes to your site and they do not find the information that they need, then they will not feel compelled to stick around and try to figure it out on their own. This is where “search engine optimization” and useful content comes into play, and the team at On The Map has over a decade of experience helping clients generate useful content that converts. 

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Simply put, search engine optimization – also known as SEO – is a strategy that employs useful, engaging content and relevant keywords in order to signal to the search engines that your site is a great site to direct their users to when searching for certain queries. Of course, this can be achieved by using things like Pay Per Click advertising and a variety of banner ads as well, but what makes SEO unique is that once a visitor enters your site, they will actually find value in the “marketing” materials that we have helped you create – your site’s content.

Analysis is Key

If—to use the coffee maker example again—On The Map was working with the coffee maker company to improve its SEO strategy, we would first analyse their existing content to get a sense of any successes or misses when it comes to the current information provided. At the same time, we would analyze competitor websites and their content strategy in order to identify their practices that seem to be paying off. Most importantly is studying your target audience and their online behavior, though, because these are the users that we want to encourage to visit your site and engage with your product.

Utilizing High-Value Keywords

If you had to come up with a few keywords to focus on for coffee maker vendors in a hurry, what would you choose? A few of the most obvious keywords would be “best coffee makers,” “where to buy a coffee maker,” and “highly rated coffee machines,” and while these would all cover your target audience, you can imagine that these keywords likely appear on each of your competitors’ sites in great frequency. These are called “high competition keywords,” and there is high saturation on the internet with them.

In order to reach your audience without relying on high competition keywords, we will analyze your target audience’s online behavior to find out how they want to find coffee makers, and employ some creative tactics that go beyond simply advertising the best coffee makers. For example, we may put out content on “how to make delicious coffee” or “how coffee beans are roasted for the perfect cup,” among others, that will provide your visitors with interesting and unique content but will also send a clear signal to the search engines that you know coffee. In this content, we will be able to build in Calls to Action that direct visitors to your own coffee maker and purchase page.

Continuously Updated Content

One of the most difficult aspects of SEO (after the keyword research and analysis are completed) is keeping up with the ongoing demand for more content. Search engine rankings take note of how active a website is in terms of providing new information for the internet, which is why many people who start a new SEO campaign ultimately end up writing a few blog posts and then lose interest, focus, or simply can’t make the time to keep it up.

On The Map has an in-house team of dedicated SEO content writers who can take control of your content needs and continuously provide your users with high-value, well-researched, and keyword-focused articles, blog posts, and site copy in order to keep things fresh and keep your rankings high. You are a pro in your industry, which is why your customers need you to focus on providing top-quality service to them; at the same time, we will help you reach new customers by providing you with our own top-quality service.

Ready For a Site Analysis? Contact Us Today

If you have been trying to generate new site traffic and reach new customers on the internet, an updated website and a strong SEO strategy may be the answer. In order to determine how best to move forward in this new venture, contact On The Map as soon as possible for an initial consultation with one of our teammates about your needs. We will be able to review your site, consider your existing strategies, and provide you with some high-level ideas on how we can move forward together to start on this exciting journey.

We will then be able to discuss things like your budget, your needs, and how we can help get you the services that you need for both SEO and web design that meets your financial goals and helps you generate new traffic so that you can keep sharing your high-quality work with the world. 

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