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A website is an important part of any business. In fact, when it comes to e-commerce, a website is the business. That is why anyone who wants their business to be successful needs a great website. That website will be many people’s first introduction to that business so it needs to make a great first impression. The website needs to have both flash and substance and it needs to be able to attract new customers and engender loyalty in the ones who are already there.

At On The Map Marketing, we have over ten years of experience creating websites that meet— or even exceed— those goals. We are a full-service digital marketing agency that not only handles web design, we also handle content creation and SEO to help grow your brand and get your new website high on the search results page. That is why we should be your web design agency of choice because we can do web design but also so much more. So, contact On The Map Marketing so that we can create a website that takes your business to the next level,

Getting Started

We start out by getting to know you and your company better so that we can find out what makes you unique. We can then create a blueprint that will emphasize those qualities and make your website the best that it can be. Our project managers will talk to you about your vision for your company and what you want your website to be. Of course, we will also offer our own suggestions and advice based on our years of experience creating successful websites for our clients. Once we get a clear idea of what you want and need for your website, we will combine them with our suggestions to create a blueprint for it. Once we have finalized all of the details, we will hand them off to our designers to get started.

Planning and Initial Design

We will communicate with you throughout the creation of your website so that you always know what is going on just in case we have to make any changes. So, we won’t do anything unilaterally without your consent. You can get an idea of this early on when we create a mock-up of what your website will look like. A mock-up is a non-functional prototype that shows what the final design of your website will look like. 

We send it to you for approval to see if it meets your expectations or if there is anything that you want to change. This is a necessary step in the design process because not only will you see how your website will look, but it is also easy for us to alter the design since the website has not been programmed yet, so any changes are easy to make. Once you approve of the mock-up, we can then start designing your website in earnest.

The Elements of Good Web Design

No matter what kind of website we are designing, there are some basic universal elements that need to be present for it to be appealing to both users and the search engines. Those elements involve the design of the UX and UI, which respectively stand for user experience and user interface. They are similar concepts but the user interface is about how the person interacts with the website, while user experience is more about the presentation and how clear the various links and buttons on the page are to the user. 

Both are equally important because they determine how much a person enjoys using the website and whether the search engine crawlers will recommend it when anyone searches for keywords related to that site. The following elements should be present in all websites in order for them to have a good UX and UI:

A Logical, Easy to Use Layout – One of the keys to a great UX is when everything is laid out in a logical manner so that the user can easily access what it is they are looking for. It should not take more than two or three clicks to get to any page on the site and it should be impossible for the user to get lost.

Fast Load Speeds – It doesn’t matter how good a website looks if users have to wait an eternity for it to load. An eternity, in this case, is just a few seconds, but even that is enough for a user to abandon a site and go somewhere else. We will ensure that your entire website and every page on your site loads as quickly as possible without compromising the attractiveness of the site. You don’t need to have a spartan, bare-bones site for it to load quickly. A flashy, attractive site can have fast load times if the proper compression techniques are used.

Responsive Design – People use a variety of different devices to access the internet and websites should be usable on all of them. Responsive design is when a website adjusts to fit the screen of any device a person uses to access it, whether it is a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone. The interface and screen should adjust for the device and the load times should remain consistent across all platforms. That way the user will always have a good experience no matter what device they use to access your website.

High Security – This is important for every website but especially for websites where people share their private information, such as e-commerce sites. We make sure to always use the latest security protocols in order to safeguard the valuable data of your customers. That prevents it from falling into the hands of those who would exploit it for their own personal gain and helps to build trust between you and your customers.

Accessibility – People with aural, visual, and motor impairments should be able to access your website as easily as everybody else. That is why your site needs to have the latest accessibility options that make it easier for everyone to access your site. We can install those options so that your site is open and welcoming to all.

A Clear Call to Action (CTA) – A call to action is a button or link that appears on every page. The CTA takes the visitor to a page where they can access whatever service you are offering. The CTA is important because it gives the user a way to access your services once they become interested in doing so. It prevents them from having to search your website to find out how they can use your services. This could cause them to become discouraged and go somewhere else. A clear CTA can prevent that from happening.

Content Creation

A great looking website is a great start, but it is not the end. A website needs engaging content as well as a good UX and UI in order to keep visitors interested. Good content is not just valuable for the user who reads that content and becomes more interested in your business and what it is offering. It is also important for increasing your rankings on the search engine results page (SERP). That is because the content on your page should have various keywords that people are searching for interspersed throughout.

Our SEO team will research the high-ranking keywords that are relevant to your business. Once those keywords have been discovered, our content writers will organically integrate them throughout the content of your website. That means search engines will pick up on those terms, which increases the chance of your site showing up when people search for those keywords. This is of course good for your rankings but it is also good for your readers since the content on your website will read smoothly without it seeming like those keywords are awkwardly wedged in. That is why great content is important for your website.

All Work is Done In House

When you work with other marketing agencies, there is a risk that they might outsource some of their design work to third parties. What is the problem with doing this? For one thing, there is less accountability because the marketing agency cannot consistently keep track of the work that the third party is doing. There can also be communication issues if the marketing agency and third party are in different time zones or if they speak different languages. That can make it difficult for the agency to notice or address any problems that might crop up. It can also mean that it can take longer than necessary to implement any changes that you request.

That is not a problem at On The Map Marketing because all of our work is done in house. So, if we need to address a problem or make any changes, our project manager can speak with the team responsible for making those changes directly and they can make them then and there. That means we are far more efficient when it comes to web design because the lines of communication are always open and always clear. 

Post Launch Monitoring

Once your website is launched, we don’t just wash our hands of it and move on. We keep track of it by constantly monitoring various metrics that show how well your website is operating. Those metrics measure things like the amount of traffic to your site, the leads you get and the resultant conversions from those leads, the bounce rates, and its ranking on the SERP. This allows us to find out what is working and what could use some improvement. 

That is because we know that designing a website is all about constant refinement and improvement. When we monitor the different metrics related to your website, it allows us to make the changes necessary to make your website the best that it can be. Your competition will always be nipping at your heels, trying to gain an advantage over you. With post-launch monitoring, we make sure that you stay ahead of the competition.

Let On The Map Marketing Be Your Web Design Agency

At On The Map Marketing, we have over ten years of experience designing websites that get our clients the positive attention they deserve. We know and use all of the universal design features that make a great website, but we also make sure that each website we design is uniquely customized to our clients’ needs. While some design principles are universal, there is no one size fits all method when it comes to web design. That is why we always work closely with our clients when designing their website; we want to find out what makes them unique and integrate those qualities into their site.

Since we are a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer more than just web design. We can create content that makes your site appealing to visitors and search engine crawlers. We can create an SEO campaign that can get your website higher rankings, which leads to more visibility, which leads to more visitors who can become future customers. We can offer you all of that in addition to building you a great website. So, if you want to build your brand into one that can attract and retain a wide array of customers or clients, then contact On The Map Marketing so that we can work with you to design the website that you want and need.