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Building a simple yet effective website is a goal for most netizens. It’s always important to choose the right fonts and typography, take advantage of spacing and flowing, and build something polished when designing your site. Ideally, you want to be able to put together something straightforward that your users can use effortlessly. A website is a functional piece of art. This guide can help you begin your website creation process. 

How do I start building a website?

Designing a website may seem like a daunting challenge but with a few pointers, almost anyone can build a website. A survey conducted by the design powerhouse Adobe found that consumers use on average six different internet-enabled devices daily and take in up to twelve pieces of content.

When you build a website you’ll need these three following things:

  • Domain: your web address
  • Website hosting: a provider that offers the services and technology necessary for your site to get seen on the internet
  • Design theme: WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Google, and other design services that provide a platform for your site. 

Choose a Domain

Without a domain address, consumers won’t be able to find your website. Your domain is your website’s address and can cost between 10$ and $1000 depending on where you purchase it (on average $15). Here are some tips on how to properly choose a domain: 

  • Make sure that your domain name matches your business’s name and your other social media handles. Having consistency will help your content come up in search engines and make it easier for clients and potential customers to find you.  
  • If you’re setting up a personal website then using your name could be advantageous because it will likely show up if anyone ever searches for you. Online search engines are the number one source of content being absorbed by Millenials, and Gen Xers. 
  • You can use your domain extensions like .cn, .fr, or .ru to target local audiences or use .com, .org, and .net to cater to international audiences. 
  • Don’t fret if your domain name is taken because there are endless amounts of possibilities, so use this as an opportunity to display your brand’s cleverness and creativity. 
  • Some website hosting services offer a free domain. 
  • Domains typically last a year. 

After you select and register your domain name you’ll need to find a service to host your website. 

Host My Website

Website host services provide space on a web server for your website to be stored. Web hosting allows the files, texts, and images on your website to be available for viewing by others. Hosting options typically fall into one of these four types:

  • Website builders are for beginners who need assistance with hosting and building their website. Website builders provide you with a mobile or browser-based application that can assist you in building your website and they will host your site on their servers. 
  • Shared hosting is a community-based initiative that allows you and other website owners to share a server to host your websites, and split the costs. Some websites that share hosting duties load lower because of the bandwidth strain on the server. 
  • Dedicated hosting sites, unlike shared hosting sites, load at accelerated speeds because all of the server’s resources are dedicated to one website. However, these types of sites can be more expensive because the site’s owner accepts the full brunt of the costs. If you need a lot of system resources or have security concerns then this could be the best option for you. 
  • Collocated hosting sites provide their own servers but they’re housed at a web host facility. Collocated sites have the advantage of shared space but an entire server dedicated to one website. 

Hosting services

If you decide to go with a Webhosting service, then you may want to ensure they have the following features: 

  • Free domain
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for securing the server to browser transactions
  • Customizable email accounts matching your domain
  • Unlimited bandwidth without throttling allowing your site to function without traffic limitations
  • 24/7 live chat customer support

If you find a Webhosting service that provides all of the features above then you are in good hands. If you’re worried that these services aren’t able to provide the personal touch that your business needs, then contact On The Map Marketing, Inc. and consult with a web design professional on how to build a simple, clean, yet elegant website. 

Content Management System (CMS)

After you’ve purchased your domain and have your web-hosting services in order, then you want to set up your content management system. A CMS is a software application used to manage, modify, and create your digital content. According to Forbes, WordPress is the most popular CM in the world and is used by more than 75 million websites. WordPress comes with thousands of free designs that could fit your website needs while saving you money. 

After you’ve decided on a content manager and theme then you’ll want to test your site. You want to make sure that you:

  • Select a template and start designing it. Make sure that your designs adhere to the latest design trends and match your brand identity.
  • Install your theme on your website and activate your site so that you can check it. 
  • Test your site and make sure that it’s working properly, does it load up? Is there a lock beside your domain assuring that your SSL is functioning properly. If not, contact your Webhosting service immediately and discuss what may be malfunctioning on your site. 
  • Start adding brand-specific content to your site and bring it to life. Choose images and graphics that tell your story and meet the needs of your consumers. 
  • Add your logo, brand colors, and choose typography that grabs your user’s attention. 
  • Set up your e-commerce store that you can start selling products on your store, and building more followers. 
  • Content will make your website more interesting, so write up some interesting blogs about your industry and share them. 
  • Once you’ve started generating content and are satisfied with the design, then it’s time to launch your site and let everyone know. 

Building a website may prove challenging at first but there are lots of resources available that can help you succeed. Working with a trusted professional like On The Map Marketing, Inc. could save you lots of time and energy, help attract more customers, generate more opportunities, and assist you in having the online presence that helps your business remain competitive, reputable, and flourishing.

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