In order to have an effective internet-marketing campaign, it’s not enough to just have a fantastic looks webpage that does a good job of highlighting and selling your product. An internet ad campaign is a living, breathing entity, that requires maintenance and upkeep to keep performing well. In some industries, the information changes so rapidly that it goes stagnant after a few months. But even if that’s not the case in your business, you need to keep increasing and improving your content to stay relevant in the universe of internet marketing.

A Look into the Minds of Google

The actual algorithms that tell the Google crawlers which information to fetch when you enter a search is proprietary knowledge and Google doesn’t give away those secrets. But we’re still able to determine a lot from what Google does tell us:


  • Freshness of Content – Search engines are able to tell when your webpage’s content was last updated, what percentage of the content was changed, whether or not it was core content, and how frequently the information changes. Google gives a higher ranking to expanding, changing webpages, which means that your page needs to stay fresh.
  • High-Quality Content – There are many reasons why you want to have clear, effective content on your website that have nothing to do with search engine optimization, but Google has indicated that high-quality content is a significant factor in their searches. Google stresses the importance of making your content useful to your users and there are several measures that they use to determine whether or not it is.
  • Relevancy to the Topic – If the information on your page isn’t relevant, your users will leave, and your bounce rate will indicate to Google that the information is not useful to users. This will generally result in a fall in search rankings.

How a Blog Can Improve Your Rankings

When you consider the fact that Google favors fresh, high-quality content on relevant topics, it should be clear that a blog provides a perfect solution. Here are three of the SEO benefits of a blog:


  1. You can introduce fresh content without having to alter the existing content on your pages that you already like.
  2. You can introduce new topics that you feel are relative to your audience.
  3. You can encourage readers to view your webpage via links.

With a blog, you can write as often as you like as you improve and expand your internet presence.


What Constitutes High-Quality Content?

When you hear the phrase, “high-quality content,” you might think about a term paper with a bunch of red lines and circles marring the text, but in SEO, quality isn’t solely about grammar—although, your content should be reviewed for obvious errors. In order to perform well, your content needs to be informative, concise, engaging, and on point. Google wants to maximize the experience for the user, which means that your information should match the topic that the browser was searching for, that it holds their attention, and that it doesn’t trick them into reading information that’s of no interest to them.

Write Like a Professional or Hire a Professional Writer

Not every business owner or manager has the time or inclination to write their own web content and blog posts, which is why many of them outsource their content writing to an experienced internet marketing company. Whether you write your own content or you refer it to a professional, make sure that you routinely monitor your posts’ performance to ensure that they’re improving your business’s profile and increasing your search engine performance.


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