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Steps to our Web Design Process

Our experience with website design in Miami means that we know everything there is to know about what makes a website appealing to visitors and what will make it rank highly on the search results page of Google. That doesn’t happen overnight, but it is a sure bet that it will happen and it all starts with these steps.


The first step in website domination starts with analysis. First, our Miami web design team will take a close look at your current website to find out what is effective or ineffective about it. Perhaps it loads slowly, maybe it lacks the current security protocols, or maybe it is not optimized for mobile phones. Whatever the problem is, we will let you know how we will solve it once we start designing your new site or updating your old one. The SEO experts of our web design team will also perform an analysis of your industry to help your website rank more highly. What that means is that we perform detailed market research on the kind of business that you are trying to attract. We then find the most relevant keywords that pertain to your business and strategically incorporate them into the content of your website. We also perform research on the competition to make sure that your keywords rank more highly than theirs.


Once our analysis is complete, we will work with you to strategically implement our findings into your new or updated website. If you don’t know the first thing about web design or SEO or any of that stuff, don’t worry. Our team of Miami web design experts will carefully walk you through all the strategic research that we have done. If you are looking to update your current site, then they will explain all of the improvements and changes that need to be made to your current site. If you want a brand new site, then they will tell you about all the features that site needs to be competitive. That means creating a bold, eye-catching design that will attract attention. It also means creating well-written, carefully researched content that keeps their attention. Basically, we want your website to get high engagement, have a low bounce rate, and attract leads. Or to put it in plain English, we will get lots of people to visit your website, make sure that they stay there for a while, and make sure that many of them end up becoming clients.

UX/UI Design

Once we have collaborated with you about the strategy behind your new website, the programming and design phase begins. During this period, our Miami web development team starts working to make sure that any visitors to your site have the best experience possible. This falls under the umbrella terms UX and UI, which respectively mean user experience and user interface. The terms UX and UI are related but they are fundamentally different from each other, so let’s look at them separately.

Visitors may not always remember the content of a website but they do remember how a website makes them feel and that feeling determines how long they stay on that site, whether they will ever visit it again, and whether they would recommend it to others. That means your website needs to make a great first impression on any visitor. These are some of the design tenets our Miami web design team uses to improve the user experience for all visitors to your site.

Speedy Loading - No one wants to wait an eternity for a site to load, even if that eternity is just a few seconds. Users want websites to load quickly regardless of whether they are browsing on a computer, tablet, or phone. We will ensure that your website loads quickly on all devices.

Simplicity and Clarity - An overly busy design is unappealing and unintuitive, so we make sure that your website has a clean design with information that is clearly laid out.

Responsive Design - Remember all that talk earlier about making sure that your website works on computers as well as mobile devices? That’s what responsive design means and our Miami website design company will make sure that your site looks great on all devices.

Hierarchical Design - This essentially means that the most important information on the page is very easy to find. This makes it easy for visitors to move through a page and access the information that they need.

The user interface is how users interact with your website, so you want all the information on your site to be easy to access and easy to understand. The following are some of the key features of good UI that our web design company will implement on your website.

Accessibility - Any good modern website will have options that make it easier to access for people with visual, aural, or mobility disabilities. An accessible website is open and inclusive and shows that all types of people have the potential to be a client.

Call to Action - The Call to Action is a feature on a webpage that spurs the visitor to use your business. It should be prominent but not to an obnoxious degree. It should also be easy to access whenever the visitor is ready to use it, they shouldn’t have to hunt around to find it.

Clear Feedback - The user should always know what is happening when they interact with a website. That means clearly indicating what happens when they click on an interactive element on your site. It also means that the user should have the option of easily backing out if they accidentally ended up somewhere they did not mean to go.

Design Approval

Once our Miami web design team has completed the initial design based on your overall vision as well as the advice and help we gave you, we will create a mockup of the website for your approval. The mockup is a non-interactive version of your website that lets you know how it will look before it gets published. You will use the mockup to give our Miami web development team feedback and critique of the design. We will implement any changes that you want before sending you another mockup with those changes put in place. Once you approve the final design, we enter the publishing phase of the process so that your website is now open to the world.

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