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Google is the most visited website in the world with over 60 billion views last year and each day people use the search engine to find new resources, skills, products, and services. Millennials and Gen Xers use search engines more than any other content sources so it’s important to have a strong internet presence and a well-designed website. 

Users will come to your site to explore your brand, learn about your services, and get an impression of your business. Making a good impression is vital to building a following and generating opportunities for your business. Maintaining your website, staying up to date on the latest design trends, and consistently giving your community new content could help your business grow exponentially. 

Partner with On The Map Marketing, Inc. to make sure that your website stays up to date and functioning properly, that you take advantage of every opportunity that your dazzling website affords you. On The Map Marketing, Inc. is a full-service marketing agency as well so look around our website for solutions on how to level up your business. 

Maintaining Your Site

Outsourcing your website upkeep to a third-party may turn out to be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. Maintaining a dynamic website will help potential followers learn more about your brand, assist you in making more sales, and generating more leads. Hiring someone to maintain your website can help ensure that it stays updated regularly, that technical support is available to fix issues that arise, that your Content Management System (CMS) is maintained, and your needs are met within an agreed-upon time frame. 

Regular Website Updates

Maintaining a website is important because your brand loyalist and potential customers will visit your site looking for vital information, and it’s essential that your website be able to deliver that to them. Here are some regular updates that you could outsource to a third party:

  • Updating text
  • Adding or removing pages and images
  • Editing the navigation, flow, and menus
  • Uploading downloadable content to your site
  • Updating and adding videos and GIFS
  • Maintaining your active links
  • Editing the colors, themes, and background content 

Regular site maintenance may prove tedious to some but if you focus on the following pillars of site maintenance then it will be well worth it in the end. 

Improving Your Site

When customers visit your site they’ll develop an impression and encouraging your consumers to share these impressions with you can help you meet their needs. When you regularly maintain your website you can take this information and apply it more rapidly. Keeping your website up to date with suggestions from its users will build brand loyalty and community. Using these suggestions to constantly improve your products, services, and websites are keystones to establishing long-term growth. 

Up-to-date Products and Services

Inflation, company growth, global business trends, and access to resources causes companies to be in a constant state of growth or flux. Your products, services, and prices will have to change as well. The businesses that have scheduled maintenance initiatives can remain in the good graces of their customers. 

Giving your customers the most up to date information about your business will build trust and encourage users to check back to your website for new opportunities. There are more than 3 billion Google searches every day and more netizens are going to the internet for the latest information about their favorite products and services rather than coming to your store, or going to buy a newspaper like before. 

Online Deals

If your company sells products, then it’s important to keep your customers updated on what promotions you’re offering. Even if your business is mainly offline, you can use your online platforms to drive users to share their opinions, appear in-store, or call you to take advantage of your latest promotional opportunity.

Offering promotions and deals gives your company an opportunity to compete with other businesses, as well as stand out against your competitors. Your site needs to have the most up to date sales information if your consumers are to take advantage of them. That’s why it’s important to maintain your site regularly to drive sales opportunities and offer your customers a unique experience when they visit your website. 

Interactive Features

If people go onto your website and leave without checking any other pages then your site has a high bounce rate. Maintaining your site, especially it’s interactive features is a great way to have a good bounce rate. The internet is a trendy place and if your site is unable to keep up with those trends and your interactive features are malfunctioning because they’re out of date, then users will draw a negative impression about your business. 

A business with a weakened online reputation loses out on opportunities to gain more clients, add more value to their followers’ lives, and make more revenue. Performing routine maintenance on your site will let you know when these features go down, plug-ins are inactive and afford you the opportunity to get a jump on competitors who don’t regularly maintain their online presence. 

Additional Services 

Now that you are aware of what website maintenance can do for you, here are some additional features that can help your business improve its online presence. A full-service marketing firm like On The Map Marketing, Inc. can help you maintain your website and grow your online platform with the following additional services. 


Does your website have a bad bounce rate and people don’t use or stay on your website for long? Your internet design may need to be redesigned for optimal effectiveness. Users will not only leave your site if it’s not well designed but they will also turn to a competitor for their products or services. Redesigning your ineffective website will not only result in happier site visitors, but will also improve your user experience, and make your website more efficient. 

Content Creation

Generating content that’s engaging, clever, and beautifully designed while staying true to your brand identity is extremely important to your online presence. Working with a full-service marketing agency on creating images, graphics, videos, photos, and more can help differentiate your business from competitors and keep your customers fixated on your business. 

Content Editing

It’s possible that you already have a system for creating content but need someone to assist you in making it more polished and professional. It could be of interest to your business to have your images enhanced, or you could need more extensive services that cater to the needs of your niche or branding. Speak with a trusted marketing professional about your needs and let On The Map Marketing provide the custom services best suited for your business. 

Blogging and Writing 

Depending on your industry, your business could be interested in writing and producing it’s own content. With the assistance of On The Map Marketing, Inc. we can help your business generate its own content. This content will drive more people toward your website and business. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A survey of internet users in 2018 concluded that 90% of people only checked the first page of results after a search query and that they normally picked whatever came at the top. The survey went on to say that rather than checking the other pages for the results they just changed their search instead. SEO techniques help your webpages rank higher in search results. By successfully implementing sound SEO strategies your business can get more organic growth, and your site can reach more potential customers. 

Interactive Content

Graphs, surveys, GIFs, calculators, and other interactive media could be essential to providing value to your consumers. Interactive content takes more time to develop and sometimes your business may be unable to handle the load of generating the types of content needed to grow your business. Allow the same agency that maintains your site, provides technical support for your business and is familiar with your brand to also create interactive mediums that grab the attention of visitors and provides value. 

Advantages of Website Design Services

Supporting your website’s design and offer maintenance, creation, and support services could be vital to your business’s online presence. Nowadays digital media is the first point of contact for consumers so it’s advantageous that your website is optimal for attracting new customers. Here are some advantages to hiring a website design service. 

Customizable Service

Every business is different that’s why web designers work closely with businesses to provide a custom approach for that business’s needs and customers. Working with a professional closely to discover what your site is missing can help you redirect your focus, bandwidth, and resources to vital areas on your site, and explore niche needs that your business is prepared to fill. 


You may be running a small business and don’t feel it’s important to invest in your online presence because of the limits of your financial resources however, it’s important to consider that you’ll save time and money but investing in your website. By investing in your site design early you could avoid unnecessary expenses, and reduce the man-hours necessary to accomplish online feats. Having an effective website, especially one that can generate revenue by selling goods or services, could also help you grow your profits that then can be reinvested in the business. You can also save yourself some head and heartaches by letting those with technical knowhow maintain your site and keep your online business interactions go smoothly. 


The more complex the features of your website, the more important it will be for someone with coding and design expertise experience to edit, create, and maintain the content on your website. 

User Experience Improvements

Regularly maintaining your website will improve the usability and functionality of your website. By investing in your website’s user experience, you’re investing directly in marketing, content, and lead generation. If you have a digital store then improving your website’s usability will improve sales and make purchasing your products and services even easier. 

If your website does not function properly, links are missing, or broken, and images aren’t loading then it ruins the user experience of your website. Regularly performing daily, weekly, or monthly maintenance on your website could prevent you from losing clients. Site maintenance can help you fix seldom-used parts of your site that normally go unchecked. 


If someone gains access to your website they can wreak havoc on your brand and your customers. Maintaining your website regularly can help prevent cyberattacks and your users’ data from being in jeopardy. Even if you operate a brick-and-mortar business, data security is of utmost importance to protecting your business from liability. Retail, technology, and government businesses are hacked the most and account for 95% of all breaches so it’s especially important if you work in one of these market sectors. 

Our Recommendations

Working with a full-service digital marketing agency has plenty of advantages and can offer support in developing, creating, and maintaining your business’ internet presence. On The Map Marketing, Inc. can provide the following services for your business:

  • Experienced team of professionals that are versed in assisting businesses like yours
  • Diverse agents with specialized expertise 
  • Support on and offline for your web design needs
  • Options that fit your budget and meet your needs
  • Full-service agency that offers many different services and can collaborate to provide high-quality packages that are customized for your business

We highly recommend consulting with a web design professional if:

  • You don’t have the time to manage a website
  • You have a budget
  • You have a custom or complex web design and strategy
  • You are currently unable to handle the responsibility of designing and maintaining a website
  • Experiencing difficulty maintaining consistency posting new content
  • You are satisfied with the idea of letting a professional build or manage your website. 

Building an effective website doesn’t have to cost a fortune or a bunch of time. With the help of the right services or agents, you can expand your online reach and potential for growth of your business. 

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